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Ahr Valley

This from the Kriechel website may speak for all of them. I have been sorry not to see anything from the Wine Society on the disaster. The pictures on BBC news today of the valley have been horrifying.

Dear Kriechel and Ahr wine friends, July 14th,
2021 will probably go down in history as the blackest day of the winery and the Ahr valley. An unprecedented and unimaginable flood swept everything with it and destroyed it. We will therefore not be available for the next few days and must first sort ourselves out and save what can still be saved. Our cellars and storerooms are hit by the flood up to the ceiling. We are currently very grateful that all family members are well and we keep our fingers crossed for the people in the Ahr Valley. Our thoughts are with you!


Thank you for posting this message Mrs Page.
Yes, all tragic and desperate. Words cannot do justice to the plight of the victims. We can only hope that the rescue workers can help save lives.



Hope the W/S can do something to help as they did with the Australian wild fire disaster.

Best Pinot Noir outside Burgundy imo (Not that these things matter in the situation)


My knowledge of geography wasn’t good enough to know where the affected villages lay but now I know, I would second the request that TWS do whatever they can to help and hopefully we can look forward to an interesting offer in due course.

Members may be interested to hear of a similar flood 111 years ago with wine involved in a different way:-

[Reuter’s Message.]
London, Thursday.
Further details of the floods in Germany are available.
Horrible scenes were witnessed in the flooded Ahr Valley. The Italian and Croatian railway laborers refused to listen to the warnings of the canteen-keepers. When the latter fled at the approach of the torrent the laborers seized the wine and spirits, and 70 were intoxicated and drowned.
A number of villagers failed to reach the hills, and sought refuge in trees, which later were torn up, and they were drowned.
lt is estimated that at least 300 people were drowned in the Ahr Valley and 400 visitors cut off at Oberammergau.
Many thoroughfares in South Berlin and West Berlin were flooded 3ft. and 6ft. deep.

From the Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW), Friday 17 June 1910, page 4.
(Laborer is the Australian spelling of labourer.)

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My go-to German wine purveyor is Iris Ellmann’s The WineBarn. Her range includes Meyer-Naekel’s pinots.

I’ve just emailed her about the Ahr disaster and she has decided to do a special promotion of all her wines sold to private customers; 15% of sales during the rest of July will be donated to the VDP support fund and I feel that promoting it here is a worthy thing and doesn’t step on TWS toes (and maybe TWS should do something similar ?)


Thank you: Meyer Naekel are excellent, so I will certainly look at this.

Meyer Nakel sisters appear to be rather fortunate to have survived:


This is a great idea, TWS should buy loads for mystery wine boxes. We have supported wine-related causes in the past, why not an Ahr Valley muddy flood case?

I’m sure members wouldn’t mind a bit of old mud on a few bottles if it meant delicious wine and helping out some wine growers in dire need. What do you reckon @laura? Maybe mention it to Marcel.


It seems there are still a few available and I managed to order 2 x of the mixed 6 cases


Thanks for sharing this. Ordered a 3 pack.

Drei Flaschen Flutwein aus der Region Ahrweiler ohne Hangtag.

Unter dem Label #flutwein vereinen wir verschiedene Qualitätsweine aus der Region Ahrweiler, die durch die Flut zu einer limitierten Rarität werden. Sie verfügen über einen symbolischen Wert. Der Inhalt edel, die Verpackung - zum Gedenken an die Katastrophe – limitiert & originalverschlammt.

Die Vergabe Deiner Flaschen erfolgt zufällig. Du erhältst drei Premium Weine aus der Region.

Thanks for this - 6-pack ordered.