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Not sure you can say Wine Society grand house champagne is value for money. Especially when there are so many champagne discounts around (Taittinger NV from Waitrose for £25 last week).

I’m intrigued with the idea of storing wine with a merchant - has never occurred to me to do that.

I have around 1200 bottles of wine and I love being able on the spur of the moment to choose any one of them. The thought of having to ask for them to be delivered does not appeal.

Needs must for most of us I suspect - I’m pushing breaking point wrt space here with 30 bottles. The other 900-odd have to go somewhere, so better where they can be stored properly until I need them.

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I have a lot at home for drinking but I tend to collect vintages of wines I know I like and don’t need to access to immediately.

Take LRA 904. I have some 2001 and 2004 at home but in store I have 2005, 2007, 2009 and now 2010. Bodegas Caro I have 2012 and 2013 at home but more 2012 plus 2014, 2015, and 2016 in store. Combined there’s 14 cases and that’s exactly 14 more than my wife will countenance having lying around the house. :wink:


Indeed. And I’m sure my wine - apart from couple of hundred in the two wine fridges and the Jura - are not stored optimally.

I would love one of those spiral cellar jobbies - but they start at around £20K.

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You might find this thread interesting!

Definitely. And huge respect to Chris. But way beyond my DIY skills.

It does, however, make one wonder if a local builder could be persuaded to have a go.

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I split the reserves discussion off into its own thread. It’s related ot the AGM of course, but taking a life of its own.


Soon? (and why must a post be at least 14 characters)

Agree. So many times I’ve banged on about not stocking any higher-quality versions of grapes like grillo, montepulciano, etc etc, but only the cheap and cheerful one. Here the real value is in the £10-£20 bracket, where you can easily find a very high level of quality. And the result of this is no one ever finds out that real quality is available.


I’ll chase this for you today! It takes a while to co-ordinate but it’s definitely on the way. :slight_smile:

I think sometimes the issue may be that it wont be as popular as the lesser quality/value ones. Many of us on here would clearly appreciate a more complex grillo for example but I wonder for the wider community, would many have even heard of the grape variety?? Just my thoughts

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Yeah, I am sure you are absolutely right.

But as prices from most of the famous wine regions head inexorably out of the reach of all but the well off, surely TWS should be working to provide more options? After all, no one who doesn’t travel to … is ever going to find out what is actually available. I would bet 95%+ of buyers of the TWS montepulciano simply don’t know that much better wines are made with this grape.

And if we can’t order these wines from the EU after Brexit, then perhaps there will also be more of a market?

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Very valid points @suiko, maybe a campaign focus on “the real Italy” with such wines would help boost the reputation of some of these wines. Who knows… but with @Sarah taking over the Italy buying, maybe we are in for some changes and hopefully some treats too :wink:

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I think if TWS thinks to much about keeping the “wider community” happy then it is doomed to be dissapointed - and I’m sure you’re not. [BTW just calling something a community doesn’t make it one, but that’s for another day.]

Seems to me there are different sorts of customers. There are newbies; there are adventerous types; there are “I know what a like” types (guilty as charged!); there are tarts who buy from anyone and everyone (again guilty); those who only/mostly buy from TWS; those who rarely spend more than £10/bottle; and on, and on.

Even though I have zero interest in grillo, I agree with the general point that TWS should always look for better quality - not just cheap - wines.


Did the transcript/Qs&As etc ever get posted?

I’m so sorry for the delay with this - and I appreciate you taking the time to chase it!

The last I heard was that we should have it by the end of July, but as it’s an official transcript it has to go through a certain process before it’s published, and due to various factors (among them the new-look Society rebrand, which was a huge piece of work) it’s taking longer than anticipated.

I’ve just tried to get an answer for you but the person I need to speak to is away until the end of next week. I’ll hopefully have something for you then - I promise I’ll keep chasing and get this published ASAP.

Look it’s not that important, but you did promise.

July is now three months ago, what’s happened to the processing of the transcript?

The AGM minutes, on the website, include 14 members’ questions and TWS’ responses. Is that what you are looking for or was it something more detailed?

To be honest it’s so long ago I’ve forgotten. But good to see something happened, though minutes not quite the same as transcript.

Thanks, Philip