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Enjoyed the AGM, though the queue was too slow moving to pick up a glass and try any of the wines on offer. More distribution points for glasses in future?

A suggestion. When there’s a question that the chairman cannot answer instead of saying “I don’t know, I’ll find out” why not see if any of the other Politburo members sitting up front know the answer? I could see your finance guy trying to help out at one stage, but no it was not to be.

Clearly on brand identity you are going to have to drop the “1874” and use a friendlier font. I would resist any siren calls to change your name to Wine! or some such. “Society” could go though.

The question I would have asked but you had plenty already is: Any opportunities arising from the demise of Majestic?

Naked Wines is pretty ghastly, a network of wine outlets across the nation serviced by a trust worthy co-operative/membership organisation might be able to buck the high street trend.


First AGM, was a lot quicker than I expected. Some good questions. Enjoyed my chat with Karen. Head of IS afterwards, think it woud be great to have her and other more operational staff doing AMAs in the future, such as the person in charge of warehousing or orders etc. @laura?


Good idea.

I’m sure the chair is a lovely person and all that, but a bit more coal face type insight would be really interesting. Mind you that might be a different event to an AGM.

I think many of us would have welcomed more specific answers, or an honest ‘we wish we knew’. But a couple of points relevant to discussions in this Community. They don’t expect to have mailing preferences operational for another 18 months, which seems a very long time. Pierre Mansour said the buyers spend more time on the own label wines than on others. This is disappointing if you want producer-led wines (and if you want to discourage special and non-comparable bottlings).

The wines on tasting were on average slightly better than last year, but members too far from London shouldn’t feel too left out. They were still mainly (8 out of 12) under-£10 wines of which the best the notes could say was ‘perfect for picnics’. They did show, intentionally or not, that moving up in price makes a clear difference: the Corbieres Gr Cuvee Castelmaure and Produttori del Barbaresco were good. It does seem odd that TWS wants to showcase its lower price wines.


Interesting point about the own label. I never buy Wine Society own label wines [or Berry Brothers or supermarket own label come to that].

Last night I thought the WS speakers seemed wanting to have their wine and drink it. “We’re so small and folksy, please bear with us” and at the same time “we’re travelling the world bossing wine makers about, we’re so important”

Will be an interesting challenge for the brand wallahs!

I wasn’t there - but, from what you say, it sounds like renaming / rebranding are on the cards?

I also hope more money / investment is made in developing the wine society’s service. For example, Lay and Wheeler offer a much more flexible ordering and storage facility than WS - which is attractive to people like me who have increased their spending a lot on wine in recent years, but don’t have much storage at home, and enjoy drinking a wide variety. I’m not sure how many people fall into this category, but I’m guessing it might be a growing number?

I mention this as I’d classify myself as a pretty loyal / committed WS customer but as I keep more wines in reserves, I’m finding the lack of flexibility (in both adding and withdrawing from reserves) frustrating at times, and I’m being more tempted to buy elsewhere.

Obviously this is a personal thing - and there may be other more important needs - but wanted to mention it in case useful.


They mentioned they are currently updating (or ‘evolving’) the logo, not renaming.

Also mentiomed was a large investment in systems (mainly digital systems, and a new warehouse) which will improve services. It’s a long process though as there is a lot to replace/update.


Yes, I can manage it would be a huge project to do this - it’s great to know it is on the radar and will look forward to learning more in due course.

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Actually, someone from the floor asked if the logo would change, in response to the Chair referring to look and feel, perhaps, some branding buzz phrase or other. Then she went coy.

I don’t really now why. Having outlined the need for change in the marketing/communication sphere, the logo will have to move on. This part sounded just like a Radio 4 discussion - must have younger/more/etc. And - as with Radio 4 - distinct danger of alienating the existing core clientelle.

Yes? That didn’t imply renaming the society though, just updating the logo. I wouldn’t expect any particular details if it’s not finalised. The current logo hasn’t always been like it is, so no reason why it wouldn’t change again.

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So glad you’ve all started a discussion here. :slight_smile: We’ll be posting the transcript/Q&As/responses to all your questions ASAP, but I just wanted to assure you that we’re reading your feedback here and already taking action on suggestions!

Too often TWS confuses (low) price and value.


Have to strongly disagree. We believe all our wines offer value for money at whatever price point.

We chose to showcase wines from co-operatives, and so on this occasion the price points pretty much chose themselves.


Then why not the Cave de Turckheim, for example?

Not sure you can say Wine Society grand house champagne is value for money. Especially when there are so many champagne discounts around (Taittinger NV from Waitrose for £25 last week).

I’m intrigued with the idea of storing wine with a merchant - has never occurred to me to do that.

I have around 1200 bottles of wine and I love being able on the spur of the moment to choose any one of them. The thought of having to ask for them to be delivered does not appeal.

Needs must for most of us I suspect - I’m pushing breaking point wrt space here with 30 bottles. The other 900-odd have to go somewhere, so better where they can be stored properly until I need them.

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I have a lot at home for drinking but I tend to collect vintages of wines I know I like and don’t need to access to immediately.

Take LRA 904. I have some 2001 and 2004 at home but in store I have 2005, 2007, 2009 and now 2010. Bodegas Caro I have 2012 and 2013 at home but more 2012 plus 2014, 2015, and 2016 in store. Combined there’s 14 cases and that’s exactly 14 more than my wife will countenance having lying around the house. :wink:


Indeed. And I’m sure my wine - apart from couple of hundred in the two wine fridges and the Jura - are not stored optimally.

I would love one of those spiral cellar jobbies - but they start at around £20K.

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