Agm 2023

Who is going to the AGM tomorrow?

Nope. I will mostly be drinking Barbaresco :grin:


Online attendance for me!

Yes, I am.

The place is packed.


Does each person present represent one of @Rafa 's shortfall in your order emails?


Submit your question!

We need to up the numbers!


Can we have these changes to buying options …add single bottles to reserves and drop postage of single bottles …??

Interesting AGM yesterday. I don’t want to start another storm here, but there was a lot hinging on the next 5-year strategic plan that will start next year, type of thing.

I’m always skeptical of these, but @SteveF has proved me wrong many times. There’s a lot more going on the north London WhatsApp chat, but probably not fit for this forum.


So what was the gist of the AGM?

I think you need to elaborate ….


Anyone who went to the agm - did anyone ask about a way the society could track down and stop the use of bots? And is anyone tracking whether people are reselling their wines? the moulin touchais hit the site, and then a few months after I saw Americans posting it on twitter


The AGM is online at AGM & Annual Review | The Wine Society

Questions start around minute 19. However the video is not segmented and I didn’t have the patience to sit through them all.


Interesting they are trying for four society vans in Yorkshire …thanks for the link
Good question about having an app …. Hope this happens with a good in built cellar

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This was not brought up. You could have submitted questions in advance through a choice of channels, did you know?

From the participants perspective, most questions were either frivolous or so narrow as to be laughable.

No one (including me) took the executive team or the board to task when it came to scrutinising the adequacy of said plan.

The overall atmosphere was that of a Friday show and tell at a primary school, with the obvious difference in the average age group in attendance (it was probably 60+, reflecting à concerning aspect of the society demographics).

Imo, the ageing of the membership is the impeding “climate” event for this mutual society, but the focus on IT modernisation is welcome.


I suspect it’s largely the older members who are free to turn up at 5pm.

The demographic at tastings is definitely much younger than it was a few years ago. And people who are young now might well join when they’re a bit older and have more disposable income, and a more developed interest in wine. No need to push the panic button!


The problem with the way the plan was produced was lack of detail, not lack of scrutiny, but an AGM is not the proper place to check the details. Some of the specific problems of the website, ordering, etc., were raised (and others have been at previous AGMs): I don’t consider ‘wait and see’ a good answer to these, especially as this has been the answer since I joined (2014), but we can only continue to raise them, at the AGM, here, and by direct email.
Although the answer to the 1st question seemed to be prolonged to use time, in fact most people who wanted to ask questions, on line or in the room, were able to ask, so it is members who did not ask questions, not the WS (or those who did ask) who should be criticised.

That was my point, wasn’t that clear?