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Agm 2022

I’ve just received an email about the AGM this year. There is mention of proposed rule changes and a few links to allow me to view the details. None of the links work for me so I am wondering about these rules changes and how I can find out about them. The fact that none of the links works does not fill me with confidence about the proposed changes.

Less importantly but also interesting, I notice the AGM is followed by a tasting for which there is a £10 fee. I suppose it is possible to attend the AGM and skip the tasting, and pay no fee, but I’m not sure? I think it should be an option, shouldn’t it?

The links wouldn’t work on my phone, but did on a laptop. At first glance there’s nothing too controversial in the rule changes but as we all know the devil is in the detail.

The links worked for me so might be a local/device issue?

Here’s the document about the rule changes.

Refining the rules around expulsion/suspension was the only bit that piqued my interest - an effort to crack down on flippers?

My reading of the email was that the fee for the tasting is only for guests, not members?


Yes, you’re right about the fee for non - members. I missed that earlier.

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Yes…same for me….I too took it as tightening up flipping.


Not sure that I would make that connection…I’ve read them and in many ways it’s just a slightly overdue ‘modernisation’ of the Constitution which hasn’t been looked at for some years.
It’s possible there may be some connection with a desire to crack down on ‘flippers’ and it was to delegate it to the Committee to deal with rather than wait for an AGM which makes sense. Also emphasised the power to suspend being used, with expulsion a last resort for serial offenders.
Overall, I had no problem with what I saw on a ‘speed read’ of it. I’ve been involved with Constitution reviews for a couple of organisations I chair in the last year or so, and it looks like this is in line with the type of thing we picked up there…not identical clearly, but the principles are the same. It is trying to ensure that TWS is up to date with how we communicate by email, Zoom etc and what I’ve read makes sense. No doubt someone will vote against it though…Major Bufton Tufton (ret’d) of Eastbourne or similar… :laughing:


I see that, yet again, the AGM is in Central London at 5.15pm on a week day. This hardly gives anyone who works outside London the chance to get there. I wonder if the Society actually wants members to attend. I’ve noticed other organisations do a similar thing.

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Presumably it gives the opportunity to attend to the greatest number, but I agree that the time is not ideal for anyone who’s working, wherever that may be. It is possible to join remotely, of course, if your working day has finished.

It does also give the Committee time to slide off for a nice dinner afterwards😉

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Links work fine for me on PC using Gmail. Rule changes mostly procedural, nothing alarming.

One of the proposed rule changes is around remote meetings. The fact they are proposing this and doing this AGM with a remote option I’d say points to their desire for more, not less participation.


I think just as many people would complain if it was at 19:30 on a weekday or a weekend as then it’s a bit late for a lot of people. It’s going to be virtual as well, and after the rule change virtual attendees can vote so cant see how they can make it any fairer.


Perhaps my rather untrusting response was not helped by trying and failing to open the links on 2 devices. Irritating, and doesn’t seem to happen with anyone else.

Ha ha! People are very reasonable in Eastbourne, I’ll have you know! :grin:


My system complained that the links were not secure and I had to twist it’s arm to download them. I think it’s fair to say that TWS IT have not covered themselves with much glory over the last 18 to 24 months! But that is a separate issue to the society itself.


I’m planning to attend. Anyone else?

No email received: can someone post a link and in particular the date? Thank you.
Edit: found notice on website, but it would be nice to get a notice.

Child care permitting I will try to attend. The venue is very convenient for Waterloo so a decent tasting opportunity.

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Good morning - members who are opted in to receiving the AGM notification by post will receive their postal packs this week (some have already dropped on doormats). This will include the notice of AGM, plus the printed version of the PDF rule changes.

Hi @Andy999, I’m sorry to hear you and some other members have not been able to access the links in the AGM email. Our team are looking into this - so sorry for the inconvenience meantime! We’ll let you know once we have more of an update.

@Andy999 We’ve been working on a fix - please would you let me know if you’re still having a problem accessing the links?