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Agly Brothers - Chapoutier & Laughton


Hi all,

I thought I’d share a great wine which I’ve been collecting for the last 3 years. You will all know Chapoutier from Rhone Valley fame. You may also know Ron and Elva Laughton from down under. Well these two Syrah specialists came together a few years ago and bought a very small old vineyard in Roussilan and this joint venture they named Agly brothers (after the Agly valley in Roussian where the vineyard is). Anyway they have transformed this tiny vineyard and made it fully biodynamic and the wines have been getting better every year. Since 2013 the wines have become very collectible and the likes of Jeb Dunnuck have scored them very highly. I have the 2013, 2014 and new 2015 vintages. They are great wines and the blend has changed to more and more Syrah every year. I just wanted to share this and say that Yapp are the UK importers of the tiny quantities- I believe there is still some 2015 left on their site. Well worth looking into, a great little experiment they are running!


That is very interesting, have you already tried it?


Yes had a couple of bottles of the 2013 (which contained Carignan where as the 2015 they’ve got rid of it in the blend all together with it now being about 70 Syrah and 30 Grenache). It has a long life ahead of it for sure. Apart from the fact it’s lovely wine if you’re into Roussillon, it’s a great little experiment they’re doing and producing such tiny quantities.