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Aged Chinon anyone

Just saw this very intriguing wine in one of the recent offers.

I know there are friends of Cabernet Franc here and this is a rare opportunity to get some with serious age. I have not tried it, but duly ordered a bottle. I know the finest examples can age 30+ years beautifully. Hoping for a good one…


oh…tempted!! Loire reds esp Chinon and the Bourgeuils are some of my favourites

Ive a few Loire reds maturing nicely in the cellar - Couly-Dutheil and Ch de Coulaine

Like most Loire reds, offering amazing value for money…the quality is outstanding…what would a similarly aged Bordeaux, Burgundy or Rhone cost you ?!

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Loire info

There is this very useful thread on the loire too

A couple of years ago I had 2 old Loire CFs from TWS, including

which was 20 years old at the time (the other was I think the ‘93, but I can’t find it in my wines). It was absolutely delicious, but don’t think it had the stuffing for another 10 years. I’ll definitely try to add a bottle of this one to the festive order and hope for the best.

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As someone who enjoyed that Cornuelles 96 and who happened to recommend the Cuvée Prestige 89 in the ‘Fine Wine Trade Secrets’ offer, I think that’s a very sound description of both of the wines in question actually! Won’t keep much longer, but it’s a treat - particularly on the nose - if you like delicate, mature cab franc :slight_smile: