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Again... why not one bottle per member for sought-after wines?


In the wake of “Monviglierogate”…

The day after I get the new List, I find the wine I want is sold out (the Bandol Blanc, of course).

Yet again I ask why the Society doesn’t restrict these wines (which they know full well are going to sell out in days) to one bottle per member? As it is, only one third of those members who could have tried this rare wine will do so. Is this fair? And this is far from the first time this old chestnut has come up.

I mean, they’re hardly going to end up having to bin end it, are they?! :roll_eyes:

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I am in agreement with this view, to a degree, having watched my 3 bottle allocation of the Tempier Blanc in my basket be whittled down overnight to the final 2 bottles in stock and then, in front of my eyes, (whilst I dithered), they were sold … the big red cross of disappointment took the place of the good and green tick of delicious possibility. Dismay is an understatement, but hey, I guess I should have jumped earlier. This is the second time a wine has been whipped out of my basket while I watched, so getting used to it now! :wink:

Perhaps the issue is not knowing which wines will sell like the proverbial ‘hot cakes’ or maybe it depends on how they are packed when they come in. Inevitably some will not get a wine they wanted and perhaps some will complain that they only got three or two or one; personally I feel that there’s always something else of interest and only so much spare cash.


True. But they knew perfectly well this wine would sell fast.


Hence it was limited to three… Was this offered in previous vintages? I admit it is the first time I have seen it. How else would they have known?


Sorry to disagree with the question but I feel that 6 bottles is as low as I want to go for EP offers. I like to try them over time, which is sort of possible with 3 but not with just one.

Having said that I will allow I am delighted to have a couple of Roumier’s village Chambolle as singles, but as I know from experience they are brilliant at any age I don’t worry about their readiness.


wait, I have got a suggestion!!

TWS should only request half bottles of these highly sought after wines from the domains to ensure as many people as possible can get one !



For wines which a) are ageworthy AND b) are known to be in great demand:

  • I would rather have a smaller chance of getting multiple bottles
  • I would rather have a greater chance of getting a single bottle

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I would also be prepared to pay more to cover additional admin burden on singles.


I voted as I did because I rarely buy cases of the same bottles - preferring variety and an element of surprise, so for me - a chance to get access to a special single bottle is better than a smaller chance for more bottles.

I do, however, totally understand those who find the added value of tasting the same wine over a period of time. So it’s not a conundrum easily resolved.


While 2, 5 or 11 miss out on the opportunity to taste a special bottle of wine? This is my point and hence why I voted how I voted. By the way happy to give up 2 of my 3 bottles of Tempier Bandol Blanc should TWS want to further restrict the wine.


Yes, indeed. But maybe we need to treat the occasional special offer of unique bottles - such as the Bandol blanc - where one special bottle from a very small allocation makes sense, differently to an EP offer, which strikes me as different in purpose and process.


There are EP offers for single bottles. Also some of the initial 3 bottle offers are not actually in OCC/OWC, but repackaged by TWS.


But not offered as such by TWS, unless I’m much mistaken?
So perhaps the argument here is for it to happen for EP as well as for other special offers. How easy is it to implement, however?


Not sure what you mean :slight_smile: The recent Burgundy EP offer has Cathiard, Roumier and Dom. Leflaive wines as single bottles. I bought two cases of three from the 2015 Burgundy offer that were offered as cases of three, but did not come in OCC/OWC… these were 2015 Chapelle-Chambertin Grand Cru, Domaine Louis Jadot and 2015 Latricières-Chambertin Grand Cru, Drouhin-Laroze. So I think it is already happening.


Shows how much I know! :grinning:
I was under the impression that 3 was the minimum ‘case’ on offer.
In that case - I can only imagine there are other considerations at play.


No @szaki1974 is correct. Some campaigns offer single bottles such as Burgundy.


Exactly :slight_smile: 14


That is indeed an offer way beyond the call of normal generosity :slight_smile:


Not quite as close as Brexit so far but not far off :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I had an idea in the spirit of community and compromise: allocation alliances!

For wines that are going to be in high demand, members who’d prefer to fewer bottles for a better chances – perhaps even using the poll above as a guide – could club together and agree to each put in for the same wines and split the allocated cases amongst alliance equally.

I thought it was quite good of TWS to email everyone and single out the wines that were oversubscribed to that helps even more.


I’m in the same boat as Inbar. I rarely buy more than one of anything, and three is my absolute max.

Think Szaki has the killer point here though - why should one person’s way of enjoying wine be privileged over the (maybe once-in-a-lifetime) chance of trying a wine for 2, 5 or 11 people, who might well be just as geeky about wine? I for one very much doubt I will ever get the chance to try this particular wine.

Not that that’s the end of the world, of course, I know there’s always another talha wine made from a pre-phylloxera field blend…

And those who want to follow a case do, after all, have access to plenty of other wines :slight_smile: