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"After the Virus"

I know it shouldn’t be but I think ‘truth’ is a very tricky concept - we each create our own ‘truths’ - helped by what we read, listen to, who we socialise with … not forgetting our own personalities.

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Well hopefully that’s the Politico’s getting it all off their chests. Can we get back to the question please? Only a couple of suggestions so far! Education for instance? Retailing? etc

Thanks for providing the opportunity! :smiley:


It is, of course. But there are such things as ‘facts’.

I’ll leave it at that before Mr Sherwood explodes!

… but you can select your facts to support your truths.

If the emphasis is on ‘select’ - then you are already manipulating the picture.

Maybe we should move this to another thread… ‘The virtues or otherwise of post-modernist relativist thinking’ - I swear it was a question on my final year exam! :thinking:

Oh! you can call me Graham Inbar!

I’d add that Keir S would have done.

Obviously it is our tragedy that someone so evidently the Wrong Man as Corbyn should have been the Opposition leader in these crucial years.


I think I’m predicting a bigger impact because unfortunately that’s the field I work in! It certainly won’t be the end of business travel, but I think corporate travel policies will adjust and there will be more restrictions.


I was trying to be sanguine and non-controversial for once.

That’s what Murdoch’s media kept telling us. Again… and again… and again… until it seemed the truth. Not to mention their biggest libellous accusations and lies against the man… and I’m saying this as a Jewish person. But I’ll shut up now. Honestly.

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We answered your question! Maybe you should have been more specific if you particularly wanted to hear about education etc.

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I don’t know the answer on this I’m afraid. However I think it was a dangerous strategy to embrace before we knew for sure that reinfection couldn’t happen - with a few stories having come out about people having been reinfected it’s not looking good now. I’m not sure if any other countries adopted the approach either, so if it was cited by experts it seems it wasn’t a widely shared view!

you hold them responsible every election…

restrictions to start with as budgets are cut but give it a couple of years and they will slip back im sure

My wife says I’ve got heard immunity - because I don’t listen to what she says.


as i’m not an expert virologist I cant answer on the adoption of that strategy either…

but from a logic point of view, not knowing if you could get re-infected does make you wonder why they chose that path

Yes. But choosing him was choosing a sitting duck.

And he was never in any sense a leader anyway.

And with good reason!


I think education is a good question; having lost a good chunk of term-time is this a good opportunity to change up the timetable for example?