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"After the Virus"

Much is being said, like “nothing will be the same” or “life will not go back to normal” and “what is the new normal” following the demise of the current pandemic.

So could we use this thread for members to add their considered views on what will be forever different “After the Virus”.

Perhaps that could be “After the pandemic”? The virus is most likely here to stay.

What will be different? I think people will travel less than they previously did, certainly business travel will be reduced as companies have seen how effective video meetings can be once you get used to them. The knock-on effect to airlines will be interesting.


nothing…unless the lockdown last for more than 60 days

People are creatures of habit and revert to type very quickly. To break habits and instil new in people you have to have this change for 60 days to “reset” your norm

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Hopefully people will think a little harder who they vote for rather than ticking the same box they always have and hopefully realise that a government who continues to lie even through a pandemic should never have been elected in the first place,.
I hope some of the compassion will continue and that we all think of others are less fortunate than ourselves.


Sorry I was channeling my inner Neil Young!


After WW II, Simone Weil wrote that “the notion of obligations comes before that of rights”.

Maybe people will think less about their perceived rights and consider their responsibilities, especially to others.


Completely agree that reduction in business travel will be significant in future. We’ll probably see an increase in people working remotely as well, as companies that have been reticent about it up until now will see that it can be effective (and ultimately cheaper than operating large office facilities). So less commuting too? All good things for the climate at least…

I’m hoping that our enormous reliance on a stretched and underfunded NHS and social services in general will persuade people to change their voting priorities in future, but as the journalism that targets that group seems to still be partly blaming the NHS for misusing PPE and deifying Johnson I’m not so sure that’ll happen. Fingers crossed though.


Do you think Labour would have handled it better Leah?

I think there will be greater acceptance of the feasibility and value of remote working / working from home. Around 45% of my department were already doing it very effectively before lockdown, for a variety of reasons, and it was considered “anomalous”, but our entire organisation of +20K people flipped to it almost overnight and it’s been eye-openingly successful. The trick, of course, is in ensuring it doesn’t simultaneously erode work-life balance, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.


I think people with investments in commercial property and airline travel will be rather nervous.


There was a two page article in Sunday’s Observer about this very subject. Worth a read if you can get it. (That’s where I got the Weil quote from). Very thought provoking but I’m really trying to suppress the inner cynic concerning human nature in me.


I didn’t suppress it :wink:

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I’m no fan of Corbyn, but do I think he would have gone for the herd immunity approach? Or eschewed EU group sourcing of ventilators and instead tried to obtain them through notable non-ventilator producing (but notable Brexit-supporting) manufacturers like Dyson and JCB, resulting in us taking delivery 30 (thirty - three zero) new ventilators in our first shipment? I would say no.


Unfortunately, even for an optimist, I agree.

I fear that as long as we vote in the government we do - and not just in the UK, just see what has happened to the hope that was Bernie Saunders in the US, then we are going to get the same results. As long as we continue to put an almost religious value on the individual at the expense of the community and society as a whole - we will just go back to business as usual fairly quickly.


de Maistre “Every society gets the government it deserves”.


a degree of reduction in business travel certainly, but I don’t think it will be anywhere near as big as we think…already one client “cant wait to get back in front of people!”

More remote working will be driven purely by the reduction in operating costs (look at the big blue chips in London trying to get out of leases on buildings) - it is less effective on the whole but £ talk…

Certainly less travel (by all modes) will be positive for the environment but i’m sure there are bean counters already trying to work out how to offset the reduction in hydrocarbon duty take from road fuel in the UK (57.95pence per litre plus VAT…is a lot of money!)

I’m not fussed on voting priorities…i’m more concerned that all parties ensure we fund services to correct levels and treat workers at all levels with respect!

Sorry - pessimist head on today


Yes… BUT, it’s becoming very difficult for the person on the street to hear ‘truth’ from ‘lies’ with Media tycoons spreading bullshit so effectively, that it actually effects election results. Democracy resembles less and less what it says on the tin, it seems.


Was the herd immunity first cited by experts not government (genuine question and not being provocative !)?

A friends wife on a respiratory ward has said that there is no way we could have ever expected to need this many ventilators…but how we handled the sudden need does speak volumes!

I think the Lib dems would have, I also don’t think anyone else would have been stupid enough to walk around hospital wards shaking hanks with everyone and then pass it around their whole cabinet, the many staff members of NO.10 and to their pregnant girlfriend whilst simultaneously lying to the electorate that they were only in ICU as a “precaution”.
I also, think anyone would be better than that right wing Patel blaming NHS staff for over use of PPE leading to shortages and NOT apologising to frontline staff for governments shortfalls. I personally do think another government would have taken a better stance and shut down sooner saving thousands and thousands of lives.
So yes, this Tory government need to be held responsible for the deaths they have caused, the years of bad treatment of key workers and their lack of focus to any constituency outside the greater London area.


Hear, hear!

Can we hold them responsible in retrospect too for diminishing, undermining and belittling the importance of public services, increasing financial burden on those who can least afford it, coming up with such abominations as ‘bedroom tax’, courting and pandering to the rich and generally following the sickening American mould? Or was this just a dream I had…? :thinking: