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After Christmas and before New Year - how will you be celebrating it?

Hello Community :smiley:

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! With wonderful food, wine and company.

It’s now officially ‘Twixmas’ - the period in between Christmas and New Year, where no one really knows or cares what day it is, as long as there are delicious leftovers, special bottles, long walks, good TV shows (you get the idea!).

For our last Christmas weekly topic of 2021, we would like to know:

After Christmas and before New Year - how will you be celebrating it?

Let us know! And a very Happy New Year to you all when it comes around. :grin:

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Spent the last few days on the sofa with the cat watching The Witcher and eating leftovers and party food. Felt I really had to leave the house today so went to XO Kitchen in Norwich for lunch. NYE I think I’m going over the road but struggling to find much enthusiasm. Quite pleased I booked these 3 days off work.


No celebrations here, I’m at work :partying_face: :astonished: :partying_face:


Ditto here - the joys of being self employed. In fairness I did allow myself 3 days break for Crimbo.

But I’m off to the pub this evening. :smiley:


We usually try to get away for a few days over New Year, and are staying in Shropshire with my sister and her family - a fairly frequent location as both my dad and step-dad live in the county. This time staying just east of Church Stretton, between Wenlock Edge and the Long Mynd. A lovely spot.

I normally have a bit of work to do at this time of year but this time have managed to avoid it for almost two full weeks, which is making a massive difference to my ability to relax.



We didn’t overindulge in either food or wine over Christmas (gotta set a good example to my 89 year old ma😉) but even so it was quite a few days without a rest from alcohol. So “twixmas” is about a few alcohol free days, an opportunity for some exercise and because it is 2021, volunteering at a vaccination clinic or two. Some good friends have invited us round for New Year’s Eve so just need to arm ourselves with a generous amount of wine and some cheese.