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After 8 Tastings?

No, not delicious chocolate mints but virtual tastings that start at or after 8pm. I’d love to do some virtual events (TWS or otherwise) but really struggle to attend anything earlier than 8 due to small children with underdeveloped palates.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


Here you go, join the next one between 8-9pm


Ha ha. Fair enough @Winestwit :slight_smile:


There are also some amazing events on YouTube from the society

Personally my recent favourite for a wine tasting was the Greek one

I bought the wines in advance, and my wife and I did it in our own time on a Saturday night.


Hi Alun, I’m Tim from TWS’s Tastings & Events Team.

As @Winestwit has pointed out, whilst you miss out on the “live experience” you can watch all of our events in your own time, either through YouTube or by registering and requesting a recording for those we don’t stream.

But if it is a live taste along experience you are after I will leave it for other members to point you to the “competition”.

Just to explain our start times, we regularly conduct research and to date preferences have been pretty evenly split across the evening. Thus we tend to go for an earlier start as although you miss out on the live experience, those who wish to view it later can do so on the same night or in their own time. We do however mix it up from time to time to try to reach more members so do keep an eye on the calendar.


Hey Tim, thanks for the reply. It’s good to know that all events can be streamed afterwards. Not quite the same experience but still sounds worth doing. I’ll take a look at some recent ones and see if I can still order the wines.


IMO with larger online events (including TWS tasting) you miss out on very little by watching later.

When live you stand little chance of interacting personally with the speaker, and participant comments scroll so quckly you can barely read any.

With recordings, you can watch when convenient and without planning other events around them, and pause and rewind.


All good points. Maybe there isn’t much lost by watching after the fact.

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