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Advice please

I wonder if you can advise a wine novice… I want to give a case each of red, white and champagne to someone. I am prepared to spend £1000 in total as this is a very special thankyou… don’t really know his tastes but he knows his wine… any thoughts? Sue


I would suggest as a starter for 10, to subtly try to find out in broad terms what his preferences are. It would be a shame not to maximise his enjoyment of your generosity.


A very exciting challenge, thanks for posting @Sue_Thomas

I do understand @JonM1978’s point about making it particular to the person’s tastes, but I assume we can’t find that out too easily, and the budget is generous enough to get something that will please pretty much any wine lover, no?

These could be really special cases!

WOW @Sue_Thomas, I wish I deserved to be the worthy receiver of such a generous gift.
Are you looking to purchase exclusively from TWS ? If so, are you looking at a mix of old & New world wines? Do you have any particular preferences of wines you would like to be included in the case? or are you happy to take recommendations across the board??
While we all love to make recommendations, it may also be worth while have a discussion with one of the advisors at TWS considering you are looking at a maximum spend of £28 per bottle.

no, afraid I cant do that! that’s why I thought a case of each colour would be better


A fabulous budget and a great diversion for all of us, but I do worry you’ll get as many different options as there are commentators. At £28+ a bottle almost anything you pick from the Society’s list will probably be lovely. I could tell you how I would spend a grand with those constraints, but not sure how useful that might be…

Agreed - but maybe some thoughts on what would be a great gift if this was you giving (or receiving)? @Sue_Thomas can always check the advice with the Member Services advisors when she is armed with it?


I think I would like a few special bottles and then a range of unusual ones. So spend about half your budget on a quarter or sixth of the bottles, and then spread the rest to ones your lucky friend may not have tried.

In no particular order, just a little handful… I could literally go on and on…

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Unless you know he drinks it, shouldn’t you avoid rosé?

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Ah but it’s not any old Rosé :wink:

Hmm, well, I had a trawl and resisted the urge to basically put it all on Champagne. Perhaps for a variety of styles I might suggest, in general terms, something like:

6 bottles of chmpagne - 3 richer and 3 lighter style
12 reds - mix of full/smooth/spicy/lighter
12 whites - mix of rich/off dry/crisp
6 sweet/fortified wines

Some specific examples:.




Fortified & Sweet

well i’ve gone a bit over, maybe get a cheaper port :smiley:

That was tough, so many lovely wines! And after all that searching, perhaps a proper mix of 36 different bottles would be a better idea anyway. Well, just some suggestions :relaxed:


Personally, I would not want 36 different bottles. I’d prefer to have 12x3, 6x6 or even 3x12 - though in this case 3 cases of 12 is probably going too far the other way!
If you have an interesting wine that you never see again, the experience however good is brief. But if you have some more bottles of it, you’re tasting the first in a series, and from then on you can anticipate the others, and see how the wine develops over the years. Also, if you only give a few different wines, it will be easier for your benefactor to remember that YOU gave them this wine.

Re the list above - YES to Ch Musar. A great wine with a good story, and a price you can afford.

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But if you are choosing for someone else, inflicting multiple bottles of an unknown wine is not acceptable. For a gift like this, it is the variety which is part of the thoughtfulness. 12 the same turns it into grocery shopping.


TWS Brut Champagne definitely. At £128 for 6 currently, and in my opinion (plus many other members) it is EASILY as good if not better than many Grande Marques. You can always buy a dozen?

As to what to spend the £872 remaining of your £1k… sorry my budget doesn’t quite reach those heady levels! I might try one of the vintage Ports however?

How about you buy him a Wine Society share, and arrange with TWS to deposit the £1000 as credit to his account? Then he can choose whatever floats his boat!


‘Teach a man to fish’ etc.!

Thank you all for your fascinating advice. All of which I have taken note of and some of which I have taken! After discussion with Matt at TWS I have settled on an order as below: 6 Bottles CM14121 Ch Cantemerle 2009 Haut Medoc 34.00 204.00 (one of my late husband’s favourites)
2 Cases of 6 CH40201 Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut NV 235.00 470.00
6 Bottles BU62781 Dom Serrigny Savigny les Beaune Serrignyssime 2014 23.00 138.00
1 Case of 12 BU66321 The Society’s Exhibition Chablis Premier Cru Montmains Jean Marc Brocard 2016 240.00 240.00

I am sure my friend will be pleased - he is already a member of TWS so hopefully has not been following our correspondence!

with grateful thanks to you all for the time you have taken on my behalf. Sue


Sounds great @Sue_Thomas! He’s a lucky person :+1: