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Advantages of living in Stevenage


I see the Guardian has a piece on Stevenage

Its a belweather constituentcy! It has apparently always voted for whoever forms the Government .

One of the things it doesnt mention about Stevenage is that WS members can colect their wine .Presumably treating it like their local wine shop,


Gary Younge wrote a very good lengthy piece about Stevenage a couple of years ago, possibly also in the Guardian, I can’t quite remember. It was all about the original principles which underlay the development of those new towns, and how they’ve been compromised in subsequent eras.

Unfortunately my only personal experience of that part of the country is through the window of a LHR to Cambridge National Express Coach, or a train!


30 mins train journey to London is the prime reason, and certainly when St. was new, housing was extremely affordable. Reason no.2 is almost zero unemployment - there’s loads of work at all levels.

I grew up nearby, and in the 70/80’s St. had an awful reputation for criminality. Perhaps that has gone!

Gary Younge said that Stevenage was the first New Town, omitting to mention Letchworth, WGC or Harlow.


Stevenage is not my idea of Shangri La. But, as mentioned, it does have excellent rail link to London.

As the train passes through the station, I notice Glaxo has a substantial operation beside the tracks. As a drug producer, I’d imagine voters would be keen to know if Brexit enhances sales around the world.


Glaxo-smith-Kline (or whatever they call themselves of the moment) as a global leader will produce wherever is commercially most attractive. A ‘chap I was talking to in the pub who knows’ tells me that the UK’s major drug companies they have set up mirror production facilities in mainland Europe, who will pick up the slack if the UK plants fail due to supply problems. What happens longer term is anyones guess.

The bigger concern, is what happens to R&D.