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Advanced warning of maintenance


You may have noticed a pretty red banner on the site today.

The message is that the Society’s website is going to be unavailable on Monday 11th from 20:00 until approximately 9:00 on Tuesday, for planned maintenance.

This will not affect the Community if you are already logged in, but if you are logged out you will also be unable to authenticate in order to access these pages.

I’m not syain you need to panic, but … maybe it is time for some urgent stocking up to avoid the possibility on needing something and being unable to get it on demand :slight_smile:


Panic over (we hope). New connections are now in place and normal service has been resumed.

Do let us know if you spot any issues, or if anything arose relating to this maintenance, especially concerning the community.


OK, so this is not QUITE resolved

We had an issue with logging in to the community over the last day or so. This should be resolved.

We are still having an issue with the plugin that populates the previews for our wines. We are looking into this at the moment and hope to resolve it shortly. The links you paste will still work but the content will not show, but once this is fixed, I will make sure the previews are updated

Thanks for your patience


Update (19/9/2017)

we think we have located the offending piece of code that is misfiring and therefore not rendering our Society wine links in the way we were used to, and loved, here in the community. This will be fixed and re-uploaded to the server shortly, but for technical reasons it will probably be around a week before this is live again.

All links are still working, and as soon as the fix is in place, I will ensure that the correct previews are refreshed in all of your posts.

Thanks for bearing with us during the test phase.


Update (25/9/17)

We had indeed located the error, and we have now applied the fix.

All new posts with links to the wines on the main site should work. I have also gone back through recent posts to make sure the links appear - if I have missed one, let me know and I can very easily fix it (drop me a Private Message with the link to avoid messing up the conversation)

Thanks for your patience