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Advance notice of what's coming in



One thing I think the site could do that would help me enormously as well as many others, I suspect, especially with the sometimes slightly unreliable email notifications, would be to have a page showing wines due in shortly. I look in the new wines regularly but often find a new wine has arrived and then sold out before I’ve even noticed it. If there was a list of wines coming in over the next few months. I could note the expected arrival date of any wines I’m interested in in my diary and then be ready poised on the buy button when they arrive.

This would save me so much grief!


That is a an onerous (and potentially costly) system to implement - dates move for shipments, delays in stocking and the admin that would place on TWS…to what real benefit ?

Perhaps two elements that would help -

  1. a simple few lines of “coming soon” on the website might be just as effective
  2. improvements to the email system


I’d much rather have the ability to subscribe to certain things. For example, a wine I like so I get a notification of a new vintage. Or a region so I get similar notifications about new additions to that area. I need never worry about missing a Thalabert again! :smiley:


Yes I would love that one but suspect it would be even harder to implement especially with the dire lack of consistency in naming wines; sometimes grape first sometimes domain first, sometimes hyphenated sometimes not (eg. St Emilion, Saint Emilion, Saint-Emilion), sometimes accented sometimes not.

I copy and paste the wine names from my orders directly into excel and that naming variation causes my real headaches when searching for wines.


How can I subscribe to certain things? I’ve been lucky to have been informed by pals re Chave 2015/Benetiere etc. An email from TWS would be helpful.


Unfortunately you can’t but I think we’d all love to be able to!


The emails pretty much are ‘subscribe’ notifications. I assume because I often buy Musar and other Lebanese wines I’m on that list (had an email for the last 3 vintages). I also assume most of these lists are quite big so you cant email every member on them at once, it would clog the system and probably trigger anti spam measures along their path.

Out of stock wines do sometimes have a date for restock so some inputting of arrival dates must take place.


did raise this before… Member mailing preferences

@Laura …do you know / can you find out how this is(n’t) progressing - thanks


I get those too, but there are also many other wines that I buy regularly for which I never get any notification, so on occasion they come in and go out before I’ve even noticed. I guess that’s one down side to having such a large range to choose from!


This would only work if there was then an allocation in place for sought after wines. Failing that the current system is okay, in my opinion.


Well, not really because these are produced according to whatever algorithm TWS have designed. And they are centred on offers - I liked to see an extra opt-in that’s member-activated for certain things that I’d like to hear about, not just for offers.

I assume because I often buy Musar and other Lebanese wines I’m on that list (had an email for the last 3 vintages).

That’s the assumption, not sure exactly how it works and people have raised this before. But in any case, perhaps I don’t buy Musar but I’d like to start, so it would be great to have a way to opt into that rather thatn rely on the community flagging the wine or some other random way.

I also assume most of these lists are quite big so you cant email every member on them at once, it would clog the system and probably trigger anti spam measures along their path.

For the offers, I understand the idea is that the emails are staggered so members’ services are not innundated with angry members who get the email after all stock has gone. That makes sense. An opt-in system based on more specific criteria shouldn’t cause the same problem, as it is an automated notification, not a targetted offer.

And if that may cause a problem with a sought-after wine, it sould be fairly easy to exempt that from the notification system, and perhaps channel those subscribers into an offer instead (or just make it clear that this wine can’t be subscribed to, for instance).


No offer on the new Musar, just that it’s available. With the exception of the 2010 it’s usually available for a considerable part of the year even if there is a rush on it too.


Sure, but I can’t subscribe to that. And the algorithm isn’t clever enough to know I might like it. But in any case, currently if my favourite wine’s vintage has run out, I have to keep checking back on the site for the new one, rather than simply clicking a button to get a notification when it arrives.


I think @tom has a good point. For Bordeaux EP many websites provide the option to register an interest pre-pricing which triggers an email or alert once priced; can’t see why we could not register an interest in a producer or product on the same basis…how could that be bad business for TWS?


The whole EP process is doomed to fizzle out. It’s about time that major companies in the UK had a talk and changed the way they operate for new vintages.

All this guess work and eventual disappointment for customers when micro-allocations and tiny first tranche offerings appear is bad for their business.

They should withhold making offers until allocations are secured. You wouldn’t go into Tesco and read a sign that said…‘please indicate your interest and we’ll go out and buy enough product etc etc’.

Personally, I think there is so much pressure on both retailers and suppliers to talk up each vintage in order to sell wine that some of the scores/comments are hard to believe.


People have been predicting the demise of EP sales since before I joined the wine trade 20 years ago.

The ‘pre-order economy’ has never been bigger - whether it be the latest Harry Potter thingy or a 2018 Bordeaux, there is always the interest from the public.

It’s true, we see a lot of hype about vintages. Not something we subscribe to at The Society - in fact, we often fly in the face of the hype. Our EP offers are tailor-made for members, and only after everything has been tasted and tasted again (and sometimes again). It’s the honest approach you would expect from a member-owned organisation


Just putting my geek hat on - it should be fairly straightforward to garner a report from whatever software they use to keep track of their wine shipments and punt that report out and make it available to be put into a customised mailing template?

“Dear …
new wines coming in (month) are:

This is not my area of expertise (though I work in Comp Sci) but it seems feasable…


Sorry Ewan but I think the society is as guilty as anyone with the hype. The Bordeaux 18 offer starts with the below quote.

“2018 is the best vintage of any of the 49 I have been involved with”

If that isn’t hype I don’t know what is


People who taste wine for a living are probably more likely than most to rank/score/grade their tastings - I think it only normal to engage with an EP campaign by assessing where it ranks in comparison to others experienced. The buyers didn’t HAVE to use this particular way of describing the vintage - they chose to. Why assume this is hyperbole?


Christian is not as prone to hyperbole as many of his Bordelais colleagues, so doubtless he believes this to be the case on his left-bank properties. But in his introduction Tim goes on to qualify any perceived hype by saying:

“Whilst all the top communes and appellations made a number of truly memorable wines, 2018 is not a universally fabulous vintage. It is much less consistent than 2016, 2010 and 2009, and particular care has been necessary in selecting the final line-up for this and our main en primeur offer.”

The headline is made to grab attention, sure, but I believe we are honest in our appraisal of the vintage.