Added to wishlist - July 2018

Hi all,

I thought I would start another monthly thread which I think a fair number of community members will find interesting. There are many instances of someone recommending a wine to others which invariably means that its added to a wishlist for later.

I thought I might share the top 10 added to wishlist wines last month for the whole membership and might look to make this a monthly thing if people find this interesting. Please be aware that a couple of wines wines are out of stock as this was for last month but it might unearth a few gems being added by others.

Currently in stock:

Currently out of stock:


“Last month I’ve been mostly adding…”

Because I love Swiss wines, and never tried Cornalin before. Hoping to buy it soon, cause sounds like it is drinking now

Loved it at the press tasting in June!

As recommended by @ewan

Been a while since I had a Sylvaner

Sounds interesting, and very good price!

Ahhh, the wines of Savoie! Need I say more.

See previous note… this one’s coming in an order tomorrow.

Curious about other people’s wish lists! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice mix of wines there. Interesting that there are more reds than whites in the current season, and also that the average bottle price (I didn’t count the box) is £11.53. How does that tally with the average price of wines actually bought last month @M1tch? I wonder if people tend to add to wishlist wines that are more expensive than they buy. I know I do that with a few burgundies…


Thanks for the Serol tip @Inbar. I have loved all my Serol wines from TWS. Recently added to my ridiculously long wish list


Interesting cross section @M1tch.
Wish list is so clunky though. Especially annoying, when you remove a wine, it takes you back to first page.


Can I interject at this point to ask a favour?

We already have the weekly drinking threads as well as the weekly “in my basket” threads, so we already have a decent idea of what everyone here is consuming. I really don’t think that we need another list of our wines.

What I believe @M1tch was giving us an insight into was the buying habits, or intentions at least, of the Society membership at large and beyond the community.

It might be better to focus our thoughts and comments here to what we make of this list - like what it says about members and The Society and if it might indicate what regions might be growing in popularity, for example. Of course we might also comment on how this differs from our own wishlists, or how we use them.

Is that OK? I’m a little concerned that just as @laura has found a way to concentrate the daily drinking lists into one topic, we are at risk of expanding that out again.

EDIT: of course we can talk about wines we covet or have discovered but I see that being about THOSE individual wines rather than a long topic full of lists


That Sylvaner is the best I have had from Alsace, nearly as good as top Franconian examples! The Swiss wines look more tempting than ever now the price is better (they will never be cheap of course!

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Thanks, @NickFoster! :grinning::+1:That Sylvaner really caught my eye- so it’s good to know it’s worth the price! As for the Swiss Cornalin, once in a while I don’t mind splashing out, especially as Swiss wines are rather difficult to source in the UK. And yes, it’s a bit more of an attractive proposition now that the prices are a bit better (the Chasselas gone down in a price a little, too).

Excellent Idea​:bulb: especially for nosy people like me!! :+1:t3:

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Glad it’s not just me! :rofl:

@M1tch, any chance we could know the numbers in terms of how many people added these wines to their wish list? I’m being nosy again, but would be interested to see if it’s hundreds/tens or what?