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Absolutely NOTHING to do with wine


One the other day was even bigger than that :nauseated_face:


The picture isn’t great but this one we caught using our home made mouse trap - half a plastic lemonade bottle. He was released into the garden.


My friends have tutted disapprovingly at my traps… but the current kill count is at 9 :scream:. Now convinced they are coming through from next doors basement into ours and coming up through the holes in the flooring under the stairs where I’m killing them… I will be "tactfully speaking to the neighbours this week…:persevere:


As Aaronb wrote earlier, time to get a cat. I used to have a lovely cat, very sweet natured but a ferocious hunter. No animals of any kind in the garden except worms and a few insects. Since she went I’ve had birds (ok except for pigeons which I hate!), squirrels, and badgers. No mice yet but I’m wary!


Mines getting old now (14). She still likes hunting mice but birds don’t interest her, they come and eat worms and seeds in the garden whilst she dozes under a bush not even giving them a glance.


It’s interesting how we always think of cats because, obviously, they hunt and catch mice, but when I had my two dogs, to the best of my knowledge, they never caught anything (except fleas!). And yet whilst I had them I never had the plagues of mice I have nowadays nor any other small pests in the garden like rabbits, voles and moles, all of which have since appeared in ever increasing numbers. I suspect the deterrent of ‘scent of predator’ was more effective than any of these modern electronic devices!