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Absolutely NOTHING to do with wine


Living in an old (1860s) house in rural New York, our house is inundated with mice. In the past, I’ve used humane traps but I feel they’re really cruel, in one way. A high proportion of mice you trap are females with babies to look after. Imagine the stress they must go through, being confined in a trap and unable to get to their babies (who probably need to be fed quite frequently.)


Guilty as charged.


I’ll send you my two cats - they’re rather good at catching them :cat:


OMG :see_no_evil:! I’ve just heard the trap go off !! I’m afraid to look :eyes::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:! I KNEW I should have had wine tonight :sob:.


It’s behind you…



I looked ! Definitely dead this time … Mr.Leah’s cousin is coming over tomorrow to pick something up . I’ve texted him a picture and told him he won’t be getting the package until he “deals” with this “issue” :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:. Give me spiders all day long but MICE eugh :sob:.


Poor wee thing!

We don’t get any in the house, but usually - most years - at least one gets into the roof by climbing up a creeper and in under the eaves.

Always woodmice. They make a hell of a racket, considering how tiny they are. Usual dispatch methodology.


Stick the cat in the loft?


I womaned up and removed it myself … with fire tongs OBVIOUSLY :roll_eyes::see_no_evil:.


Wonder if we have enough for this yet…


The true aficionado would use port tongs…


Hmm. I always thought that was why mice had tails, give ‘em a swing and they’d sail out of the window.


A woman on a mission tonight ! I have another one :rage::rage::rage:


Aaannnddd that one didn’t take long …



Big mouse!


Aaaanndd I’ve caught ANOTHER one !! Four down now :nauseated_face:.


You really need a cat.


Your very fortunate. We used to get fieldmice before had our new kitchen. I tried the best I could to save but our terrier always got them first . Havent had any since our new kitchen.
Our terrier Gypsy is 17 years 6months old . We take on a 90mins walk every day. Often we go with Gypsy to Grassington and walk to Bursel along the River Wharfe and back 8 miles. No trouble.


My thoughts entirely. Verging on rat!


I dunno, that’s about the size of mouse I’m always catching in the Autumn. Trust me a rat would have just shrugged off a trap that size.