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Absolutely NOTHING to do with wine

Glad you resolved it.

Never owned a suit in my life (and only wore one once), so I couldn’t have helped anyway. Should you need advice on the very best flip flops though… :slight_smile:

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As @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis and @MarkC have said with my own addition that I love single malt whiskies but loath, to the point that they make me retch, any whisky blended with grain whisky, even the really expensive ones. I don’t know why I should have such disparate reactions to them but there it is!

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I tend to avoid the cheaper blended whiskies too - I often think there is something that reminds me of old burning rubber tyres about them. There are deluxe blends of course, but then you are competing with single and blended malts which I prefer.

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The best of the reasonably priced blends for me was Baillie Nicol Jarvie, but they pulled it as the good stuff that went in it was basically being used for single malts and they couldn’t get the supply.

I tend not to drink them either now. Not sure I’ve had the old tyre effect, but I get what you mean. Thin and spirity is what I find from some of them.


I’ve never got Johnnie Walker Whisky…

I was given a bottle of blue label as a gift and I have put it against red and green label in a blind tasting on several occasions ( with people who regularly drink ‘good’ whisky) - no one has ever selected it!

I’ve done another blind to see if people can discern higher £ whisky and they always get those right - looking at circa a 5 times price difference.

Black label was as good as any. Until they started taking the good stuff out it for more differentiated malt marketing strategies.


Hello Mark,

I was given a whisky decanter for a wedding present. I’ve never used it.

Do other members decant their whisky, and what is the point? I can only think it’s used to decant supermarket own-brands, to hide the label.

Funnily enough I have just rescued a mouse from under the fridge this morning. Luckily we are usually able to catch them alive, as with this one, with a cut off plastic lemonade bottle and scoop them up and release in the large hedge between ours and the next door bowling green. Our two cats regularly bring them in, play for a while and leave them so sometimes when we get up in the morning we find a dead one in the hallway. More often than not their “playing” wakes us up and we rescue it and release. The most we have had is 4 in a night. :mouse2:



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Returning to the subject of whisky, do members decant? Whisky decanters are readily available. Mine is cut glass in the shape of a brick. It was a wedding present. But I’ve never used it.

I can see the sense of decanting wines. But I don’t see the point when it comes to scotch. Would you offer your guests a single malt from a decanter? Or would you prefer to show off the label?

I have a decanter set (heavy, square, with stopper and 6 old fashioned glasses) that I use, normally there’s a cheapish brandy in it. It was a gift and looks nice on my bar, so purely aesthetic purposes.


I’m not normally a fan of befriending neighbours cats but there’s one from close by that keeps the vermin count down in wild part of our garden. Last week she left a couple headless presents but I’m happy about it, taking them to mean she intends to keep hunting in our patch. Grateful for her services!


Yep got one as well that contains supermarket Scotch. Absolutely no point in decanting whisky besides the aesthetics.


I have another BLOODY mouse :scream::scream::face_vomiting:

Send help…

Get yourself one of these

and a pair of these

And pay the kids per corpse



My daughter lived for a while in a very small caravan at a livery stables in Suffolk. Being very rural, she soon found that she had some little visitors, esp. at night. We tried strong smells, electronic deterrents and of course, traps. After around 50, she stopped counting…

I tried a humane trap once in the allotment shed, but being locked into a small cage for a few hours did for it anyway, poor thing.

I suggest poison as the best option, as you can use it outside under a suitable, cat excluding cover. Otherwise, it’s traps (and the little blighters are already inside at that point), a cat on a mission or owls. Sorry it’s not very helpful…

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Drink a glass of wine, ask yourself if it still worries you, if it does drink another, ask yourself again, if the same answer repeat until you don’t care - my life philosophy in a nutshell :sunglasses:


Haha … I’m trying to be good tonight ! Made me laugh though . Thanks too @VinoVeritas, I’ve got some poison today so let’s hope that works :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:.

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OT. Report to moderator.

You mentioned wine.