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Absolutely NOTHING to do with wine

Good suit choice, not so sure about the shoes Leah…

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:scream::scream::scream:They are Jeffrey West shoes, you’ll need to get yourself a pair :joy::wink::wink:

£200+ gets you a case of very nice bottles… and then you dress him with the cardboard!! :sunglasses:

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Nah, not my style. Pair of light brown brogues with dark blue laces would do fine!

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Well weathers looking good in the North Sea , choppers on it’s way and he’s in his survival suit :+1::+1::+1:


The blue suit is fine. But the brahn boots remind me of a Stan Holloway monologue, similarly titled Brahn Boots.

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Just returned from your neck of the woods Leah, we left awful weather in Norfolk and had a mainly dry arrival Monday and got by Tuesday doing the coast, but after that we gave up it was as at home horrendous, the Tweed was bursting its banks etc so we pulled the plug and returned home, nightmare journey as it takes two hours to reach the A1 from Norwich and much of the A1 is also single carriageway so the return in the driving rain took forever.

Anyway saw your plea for help, same sizes as I take for the suit etc, though working out is not something I partake in now or ever, there was only the 3rd choice and a white shirt, well done.

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Mr Darcy every time! It is a fact universally acknowledged etc etc…



So much thanks for all your help gentlemen !
He looks very handsome thanks to the community :+1::+1:


So, where do I come to when in need of advice? Here apparently!
Current situation, ive killed a mouse who’s been evading me for a few days :see_no_evil:
I say “killed”, its still moving……. a bit…………!
Used a commercial mouse trap and its now in the trap… My question is: best way to remove the mouse and trap? Do I remove the mouse from the trap? or just use rubber gloves and chuck the whole thing in the wheelie bin? :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:
Hope no one is eating their breakfast… sorry :roll_eyes:

Is it a snap trap? … it should have killed the mouse instantly…

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Yes, but it didn’t… :see_no_evil:… I’ll have another look in a minute to see has it died yet…

I would remove the mouse (rubber gloves) and disinfect the area (and the trap)… you can then decide what to do with the trap (assuming it can be reset)

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I was afraid someone was going to say that…:nauseated_face:

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You can ask someone to do it for you… not the kids I suggest (even though they probably would love it).


It’s STILL alive :woozy_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::sob:… right I’m gunna have to man up and do this :see_no_evil:

The bad news is… if it is still alive, you should probably kill it (humanely)…

Is there such a thing?? :persevere:

It is probably suffering with a broken backbone right now…

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I guess you could take it to the vet to see if it can be saved… but if you wanted it as a pet, you would have probably used a different trap.