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Absolutely NOTHING to do with wine


I need some non wine advice from all you lovely people on here.
Long story short, Mr. Leah is stuck off-shore . He was supposed to be choppered off the ship on Tuesday but he’s in the north sea so choppers were grounded, same yesterday, same today.
We have a wedding to attend tomorrow, (Not ours :sweat_smile:), and his back to back has been told to be at the heliport for 5.45am which sounds like they are hoping to crew change in the morning. If he does manage to get off he probably wont make it to the wedding until about 5pmish… (flights from Aberdoom etc… ).
SO, he needs a new suit :joy: and I have to go buy one or two this morning for him! Wonderful!
This shop is on my street and really reasonable so I’m going to wander down in a little bit once they are open but I’d like some male input or female even… this is what I’m currently looking at for him:
(He is a 48 jacket -huge shoulders works out, 17.5 neck, 36-38 waist and is 6’1 in height!)

I may mix and match waistcoats??
What do you think???


Personally - I’d go for the last one, just because it’s a classic style and colour - and it looks very very smart.


Agreed, number 3 for me. The first two might be better in the flesh, but look maybe a little naff in the photos?


No. 3 is actually my favourite, I’m heading to the shop now so I’ll post more photos thanks guys… also these are the shoes I’ll be making him wear :rofl: if it helps…


Plus, Number Three looks like he’s about to open his jacket to affirm that he’s packing heat :gun:


What about this one ??
With Pink tie , handkerchief ?


Definitely #3 out of those - I tend to think with broad sholdered guys the strong patterns don;t work as well. And if you’re mixing a waistcoat better to go plain, maybe to match the colour of the trim there.


Agreed on all counts - no.3 is very very nice indeed!


That one looks good, or 3. I agree with the chaps above.

Mixing the waistcoat could work, but it needs to be different enough to contrast… like maybe not a blue. If it’s a bit close to the other two pieces it will look like an accident.


Great guys , this is number 3 , tie and hanky?? White shirt ?


Will go for the original waistcoat then and he can always come and buy another to mix it up at another time :+1::+1::+1:


I think I agree with the no 3 choice. But it’s hard to be sure when it looks about two sizes too small for the model. But then when It comes to fashion I know absolutely nothing, and never have!


yes, keep it simple.

good plan i think


Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH guys !! Who knew I’d be needing fashion advice from the community but he’s now the proud owner of a new suit even if he doesn’t make the wedding !! Really appreciate it :kissing_heart:!


I’ve got a wedding myself next weekend & I’m now sorely tempted to run out & buy this suit as well!


Reminds me of a time way back in my twenties. I’d gone up to fix a software bug on a survey boat in Lerwick (this was before the days of internet etc. and the only way to communicate with an offshore survey boat was either radio or telex or go to it in person) and it was only a half hour job and I had a flight booked back south on the same day. However whilst I was fixing said bug the boat sailed! I later learnt that the Shell rep who we were doing the survey for was so incensed about the bug that he demanded we sail with me on board and wouldn’t let me off until he was convinced there were no more bugs. My girlfriend and I were due at a wedding in Jersey in two weeks time which turned out to be the exact length of time it took me to jump ship (bear in mind I’d arrived with a brief case only - not even a toothbrush! Fortunately a member of the crew had a spare and I borrowed clothes from everyone!) So I then had the office book me flights from Shetland to London to Jersey and I managed to arrive half way through the reception feeling (and looking) more than a little frazzled! And, I’m afraid, suitless! However I did get a round of applause from all the guests when I entered the room :rofl::rofl:

I hope Mr Leah arrives in a little better time (and shape) than I did on that occasion!


Tangental relationship to wine — I’m attending the meeting with the caterers & the bride to choose the wines that will be served at the wedding!


Next day delivery apparently :rofl:


So possible TWS rebranding in the spirit of Naked/Majestic:

The Wine and Suit Society?


Suit you, sir!

Because a Fast Show quote is never inappropriate.