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(Abra)Kadarka the first Guerilla online tasting on 9 May 2019



Was wondering if anyone was up for an off #twstaste schedule online tasting? I would suggest a comparison of two wines and have a couple of ideas myself… just wanted to gauge interest.

My pair of wines would be:
kadarka , maurer 2017
szekszárd kadarka , heimann 2017

… but would not want to impose this. Please comment if interested.

EDIT: This is now decided as reflected by the changed title.

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I’m definitely up for it :+1:


I’d be interested if I had qualifying wines to hand - it’s what stops me participating in most of the official ones.


Count me in. I’ve only had one kadarka before ( Tibor Gal 2016 ) which I very much enjoyed ( intriguing, compelling and understated ).


Just had some yesterday… I completely agree with your assessment. Still a few bottles left.


I’m always up for a drink with you lot!

We could perhaps make a decision on the bottles shortly after each announcement of an ‘official’ tasting, so people can consolidate their orders…?

I like the sound of @szaki1974’s suggestions though!


That’s a great idea, which will make it a lot more workable.
I’m very much up for it! :+1:


So fix a date between #twstaste events and agree on bottles when @Laura announces her bottles? Up for that. I think one person should propose 2-3 pairs with good availability and then have a vote.


So the next one is “April 25th, Beaujolais”. We should then aim for 9 May?


9 May is good for me :+1:


That would suit me too. I really shouldn’t be buying any new wines but I would make an exception for these. Will collect from the showroom with blinkers on to avoid further temptation.


I can’t do the 9th, as will be at the Three Wine Men event in London. But don’t let this stop you! I can join in on the following one. Have a good one! :+1:


Sounds good @szaki1974 count me in and new wines for me so should be fun.


This is tempting as I also enjoyed the Tibor Gall Kadarka. Intrigued by Serbian Kadarka nearly as much as I was by Slovak Tokaji (good not great).


I would be interested as back in UK by then. And this would be fresh ground for me.


Okay… so the Beaujolais tasting wines are out… who is up for a Kadarka tasting on 9 May…

  • I am in
  • Maybe
  • No, not this time
  • Not ever

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I’m up for this :wine_glass:

200+ bottles of the Heimann in stock, plus 800+ of the Maurer, can’t imagine they’re big big sellers, so we should be okay on that front…


Have a good one yourself. Was just looking at the event details and didn’t realise that essentially it’s one massive tasting. Sounds great and no need to smuggle in a half bottle and a glass !


Thanks! :grinning:
Yes, it looks like great fun, and hopefully a chance to speak to some producers. I think our lovely @Ewan will be there for TWS.
Also booked myself for the master class with Domaines Paul Mas, so all in all - should be a good night.
The day after I’ll be up and early for day 2 of WSET 3, so might have to wear what a friend fondly calls ‘rehab sunnies’… :grimacing:


Hehehe, ‘rehb sunnies’ must remember that one. And all the very best for WSET 3. Fingers crossed for you that there are no morning tastings involved.