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(Abra)Kadarka the first Guerilla online tasting on 9 May 2019



I’m in hopefully. Hopefully because it’s still four weeks before I get home so have to hold off on the order!


The wines for the Bojo tasting are in so time to put together an order with them and the Kadarkas.


I’d definitely be up for this but for the fact I’m already at a tasting that night (Nebbiolo, yum!)

Have a good one, I’ll key an eye out for future tastings!



I will be popping my kadarka cherry…


All wines ordered for collection next week. Really looking forward to taking part.


Just bumping this so more can take the poll and get the wines for 8pm on 9 May 2019 (save the date). It is almost a case with the Bojo tasting wines…

EDIT - Bumping this again…
EDIT - Wines still available…


Thanks for organising this, it’s very much appreciated.

Looking forward to this and getting to know kadarka just a little bit better.


Have my kadarka (and beaujolais) on order now :yum:


Wines are still available, well in time for the event.

The Maurer just reviewed by Julia Harding (copied from TWS website)…

"Light orangey red. Sour cherry aroma, tangy sweet and sour cherry on the palate too. Soft but sufficient tannins, plenty of acidity and juicy and easy. Lots of easy pleasure. - Julia Harding "


And I noticed that the Heimann is featured in this month’s Decanter (the Weekday Wines feature), and a very positive review it is too! :+1:


Wine still available for this online tasting next Thursday if anyone is interested… or if anyone forgot to order them… could now be combined with the next #twstaste wines. This is how such a basket starts… spend £20-ish more to get free delivery.


Is there any recommendation as to whether these wines would benefit from opening/decanting several hours before tasting?


I think opening a few hours in advance will help as well as a very light chill.


It naturally gets a very light chill in my house at the moment! :wink:


Just to note that this is happening tomorrow. I hope all succeeded in getting the wines. I will close this topic tomorrow afternoon and open a new one for the tasting. Would be great if everyone could be around from 8 pm on the day. As suggested earlier, a bit of air and a slight chill will most likely benefit the wines. Will also try and get together some background info for the kick-off tomorrow. Cheers.


Excellent @szaki1974 I shall be poised and waiting tomorrow evening! :smiley:


Looking forward to it @szaki1974. Had to swiftly swipe one of them from Mr. Leah’s hands at the weekend ! He should really know his place when it comes to wine in our house :rofl::rofl:!


Looking forward to it! We’ll be ready and waiting. :slight_smile:


See you later in the new topic here:

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