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(Abra)Kadarka online tasting [ARCHIVED - 9 May 2019]



Both wines are refreshingly different and a real good choice for a tasting. I’m preferring the Maurer, just. 7.6!


Very curious sweetish nose and sour edge to the taste, more evident the longer your swirl it around… Interesting!


I upgrade the Heimann to 8, the Maurer is a 6 for me


Goes well with pork chipolatas


I’m with you ! Heimann has the edge for me .


Having never had kadarka before, it’s been great fun to taste and think about it - with a soundtrack too!

I stick with Heimann 6 and give the Maurer 7


Maurer wins here so it scores, er, more than the Heimann!


I’ve poured another Heinmann sample …


Very definitely prefer the Heimann. I sadly suspect the remainder of the Maurer might be used in cooking. But the Heimann I’m very taken with.


Let’s see who edges it

  • Heimann
  • Maurer

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7.5 for the Maurer for me. sticking with a 6 for the Heiman.


I think the Heimann was lovely, with more of a vanilla, leather note that one might expect in a red wine, while the Maurer was much more unique for me and would be lovely with some cold charcuterie on a hot summer’s day… Here’s hoping!

7.5 for the Heimann and 7 for the Maurer for me.


OH: Well, I refilled the glass with the Maurer.


Really good idea for a tasting @szaki1974 and well run!
Same grape, same country, even same sort of light red style … but two very different wines!
Looooove that we don’t all agree a favourite too :slight_smile:


I’ve always been a robust Bordeaux/Rhone/Rioja wine drinker. But more recently I’ve been working on getting into lighter, more subtle wines. The (non-mondeuse) Savoie wines I’ve been drinking over the winter, the recent Beaujolais tasting and now this are all expanding my horizons somewhat. You never know I might start likeing Burgundy soon!


Maybe before WW1…


Isn’t the Maurer from Serbia?


Yeah, back of the Maurer bottle says Serbia, but I get the impression from the blurb that it’s just a wee bit over the border…?


Thanks @szaki1974 for starting the very first #Guerillatasting ! I’m up for more . Welldone on the intro, very impressive ,:wink:


OH: Actually they’d both be nicer sitting in the sun on a warm evening. It’s like the arctic here though. They aren’t winter wines for me.