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(Abra)Kadarka online tasting [ARCHIVED - 9 May 2019]



Once again, loving the pale colour, this time more cherry red, orangey at the rim. Red plums, red cherry and something like polished furniture on the nose. Intriguing and inviting. Time to get stuck in…


Strawberry and cream. Totally.


Damsons here. Also wood varnish, but pretty sure that’s the painters, not the wine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rose. That’s what the other half said.


Let’s taste :slight_smile:


First thought thought was it’s like a boozy Jolly Rancher. I don’t know if those sweets get sold here?


Given that it’s only 11% it’s still pretty leggy on the glass.


Now that you mention it, yup.


FWIW, no cheese this time chez moi, however we got Warpaint playing in the background.


It’s a lot more ‘warming’ than the other glass! I wouldn’t have thought this was 11%


Wow… @rifka is totally right, sour cherry/strawberry tangy jellies!


Getting some kefir on the palate… like milk that is a bit off


Somewhat more sourness/acidity and more tannic than the Heimann. Is that a good or bad thing?.. Not quite decided yet.


Not in a bad way, but would explain my polished furniture note.


Maybe a bit of tamarind again.

Here’s a song about tamarind:


This is like sucking on a lime…… I mean not in a bad way…

It’s definitely FRESH!


OH : floral on the nose, tastes of unripe Victoria plums, that slight plummy bitterness they have when still a bit green.


I was picking up a sourdough tang underneath - can see the kefir reference


Oh yeah, this one is much more our speed. Fruit, juicy acidity, real lightness to it. There’s a certain sweetness in the midpalate that is quite pleasing, especially as the acidity then refreshes.

For me, it’s slightly more familiar. Maybe less distinctive than the last wine.


That’s it !