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(Abra)Kadarka online tasting [ARCHIVED - 9 May 2019]



Huge thanks @szaki1974 Brilliant hosting and wine choices.


Yep, thanks @szaki1974, great tasting!


I would love to do something similar but don’t think I have the technical abilities to do so. My ancient laptop almost stalled just replying this evening so would prefer to defer. At least for the time being.


I know these are good wines because we’ve had more, plenty more, and now we are eating bombay mix and listening to trashy Lebanese pop.


We moved on to Zakir Hussein and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra…


I’ve made chutney :woman_facepalming:t3:… whilst still drinking the wine ! I mean … I say made … it’s still bubbling away :rofl::rofl:.


Chutney?! That’ll be bubbling for a good while yet…! :sleeping:


Wow you guys, you’ll have me out of a job at this rate! :joy: What an absolutely amazing tasting - loved reading all your comments. I’m especially sorry I couldn’t join in now (had my rents over for dinner!) as they both sounded fascinating wines.

Excellently organised, @szaki1974! You’re a natural.
Might cheekily join you all as a participant on the next one…!