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Travel conversations including suggestions for regions and wineries to visit, restaurants, hotels or other services.

Maybe you’ve already been somewhere and you have recommendations, or even warnings? We know that members love to travel, and we often hear about exciting wine discoveries but cannot always publish them all in the newsletter, so the Community is a great place to share experiences.

I typed out a question asking for any tips on local Moroccan wine but couldn’t find a " send" button so have had to cancel.

I’m not the most IT competent chap and hence I’ve been foxed by your community system / set-up.

I was recently in Alsace and, given the great wines I had bought from the Society from the Cave de Turckheim, decided to visit them.
Their welcome was just amazing. And their range of wines available was much the same. If any Member is in that vicinity I would thoroughly recommend a visit to them.
It might also be a good idea if the Society would consider selling some of their “Marnes et Calceres” range of wines. They are to die for.
Unfortunately you can’t get many bottles in the boot of a BMW Z4. Bummer.

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