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About the Restaurants category


Members suggestions of local and not-so-local eateries where one can enjoy the pleasures of both wine and food.

Restaurant suggestions from members across the country and when travelling, both offered and sought, have always been a lively topic of conversation in our correspondence with members.

If you are travelling to a new area, or need new ideas for places to visit, maybe a fellow member will have something to suggest. Give it a try and let us know


A topic dear to my heart… Where even to begin? My thoughts gravitate towards restaurants that understand wine and care about wine. Living in London, this isn’t difficult - there are hundreds. However, few restaurants show restraint on the mark-ups. Markups of anywhere between 100 and 400% are standard. This is because that’s where they make their margins, when the costs are sky-high in every other cost category, especially rent and business rates. But there are a few restaurants that are really reasonable when it comes to wine prices (presumably because they have a lower cost base in some other area). Andrew Edmunds in Soho is a beautiful restaurant with an eclectic, inspired wine list with prices that are rarely above twice the retail price:

So eating there creates the following wonderful, first world dilemma: do I drink a really great wine I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford in a restaurant, or do I drink at the quality level I’d normally drink in a restaurant, but have two bottles instead?!

Top problem to have. :wine_glass: :wine_glass:



image|275x183 image image BISTROT PIERRE…Preston Fishergate
Opened in August this year, a welcome addition to dining and wining of the Leisure section of the North West.

From an architectural point of view I have included some images of the interior conversion of the Baptist church.