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About the Local tasting groups category


Welcome to the Local tastings groups category!

We’ve set this up to help members find a local tasting group to join, or to list their local tasting groups so others can find them!:wine_glass:

We already currently have a few private groups set up so local tastings groups can chat and set up meetings with each other - but we’ve found that most people don’t know they’re there, and so haven’t joined their own local one or set up one of their own.

How do I find existing local tasting groups in my area?
There’s a list of groups here, but to make these private local tastings groups more visible and accessible, we’ll shortly be setting up a Wiki topic (find out about these here) which we’ll pin to the top of this category, where we’ll list all the current local tasting groups to help you find out if there’s one in your area already.

How do I set I my own local tasting group?
If you can’t find one near you in the Wiki, you can start a topic here trying to find fellow members to join you in setting up a local tasting group! If you find other members keen to join you, a member of staff will set up a group and add you all to it, and you can also add a link to your group to the Wiki so new people can find you. :smiley:


I asked if a group I belong to, the Association of Wine Cellarmen, could be included. I can’t see that it has been. What do I need to do please?