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Topics related to The Society’s Annual General Meeting, including the agenda and minutes as well as a place for members to post questions they would like to raise with the Committee.

Some questions to raise ahead of the AGM (based entirely on posts have I have read and contributed to):

  1. Could there be a discussion of the rationale for the increase in En Primeur (EP) activity in recent years. What are the benefits for the society of increasing this activity? How much of the WS activity does this now represent on a revenue basis.

  2. Some members have (rather aggressively: see below for link) been advocating opening up EP to single bottle purchases. Arguments have gone backwards and forward on this so I wanted to ask if it would be possible to get some statements from the society’s leadership. Does the society have a good understanding the extra operational burden this would create? What would be a fair way to charge members wanting to order a single bottle (or 2-3 bottles) for delivery upon arrival to society (i.e. excluding the additional hassle of storing mixed units less than 12 bottles). Could you explain what the issues and how this adds complexity? Do you think it is something that would further differentiate the society?

Link to end of thread on “En Primeur offers of the wine soc are deeply unfair”

  1. If it isn’t considered confidential information, could you share some of the “pareto distribution” of society member activities? I.e. the top 20% of society members (by purchase) account for 35% of the revenue? Of the top x0% most active members (by purchase) how many use EP and how many use reserves? (e.g. 91% of the top 20% of purchasers use society storage).

  2. Would the society consider running a small scale pilot to test and experiment with the above?

Thanks in advance for considering these - I realize it is short notice and was only prompted by re-engaging with some of the posts I saw today.