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A worm at one end

I’ve been looking at the Wild Trout Trust auction this evening. Pushed a few prices up but it got a bit rich for me, even in a good cause.

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I had a look too, most lots down your way, and some prices are pretty rich…I’ve bid for salmon fishing on the equivalent auction before, with a mixed degree of success. Our syndicate on the Doon has put a couple of lots in for it before.

I managed another outing for trout last Sunday, but it was very cold. Had a couple of small wild trout, then a stocked brownie of about 2lb, which fought like a wet sack…it was actually quite a nice looking fish, but give me the wild ones anytime.


Had a couple of hours down the river yesterday, bright sunshine all day, still quite chilly in the breeze though. Managed to find a couple of sheltered pools with some tree cover to take the bright sun off too. There was a sporadic hatch of large dark olives on and off, and I found a few rising trout. Had 4 with a CdC Dark Olive dry fly, all lovely wild fish. Best one went just over 1lb. Great fun.


I had a pleasant session at one of the Albury Estate waters yesterday morning. The only thing that worked was a Cat’s whisker, but then it was almost too easy!

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That’s often the way of it…feast or famine.

This year so far I’ve done quite well by not going to the water with pre conceived ideas. This has led to success by three different methods - upstream weighted nymph, downstream spider and weighted nymph, and dry fly. With the latter, it was quite easy to see what the trout were feeding on - large dark olives are quite easy to see and identify. I’ve had other days, and especially evenings, where I’ve had more changes of fly than Boris has had children…usually end up putting on some minute size 18 or 20 which I can hardly see…

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Giving Halford and Skues both due reverence I see!


Had a day on the Nadder in Wiltshire today. Although technically not a chalkstream it has the look, feel and expense (!) of one. Beautiful surroundings and wildlife, but fishing was hard in the high wind. Managed to catch one small wild brownie, and a couple of other reasonable fish including this one

It’s meant to be upstream dry fly except if the weather’s bad, which I deemed it to be today, so this was on a nymph.


This week I’m visiting a few West Country reservoirs. So far it’s been a bit of a struggle.
Sutton Bingham, near Yeovil, was still really murky after last month’s rain, very little sign of fish moving at all. Caught a couple but it was hard work.
Similar yesterday at Clatworthy in Somerset, except that there (an upland water) the water was crystal clear. A bit bright but otherwise you’d say good conditions, but again hardly a fish to be seen. We caught 4 between us, and I lost a big fish, but the day was spent thrashing the water to little avail.
Hoping for better at Wimbleball today…

I’ve heard it’s fishing well, so good luck.

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Thank you, but we blanked today! Hardly a fish to be seen all day, two pulls, nobody else catching either. Conditions seemed to be good but the fish obviously disagreed.
If fishing were always easy it wouldn’t be much fun, but there’s not much fun to be had when you’re faced with apparently dead water. I’m sure, though, that the fish were there, just not in the various places we tried.

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With due apologies to the fluff-flicking practitioners, and ditto for not observing the Close Season, I did some simple bait fishing with our boy at a small local lake on Monday - INSET day at his primary school - and among the usual stripies & silvers we got on his rod, my slip-it-in-the-margins-&-hope-for-a-carp light ledger rod connected with an enormous chub. I mean enormous. I’ve never seen one so portly, broad-shouldered and well-fed [not fat with spawn, I stress]. Very likely a stocked creature, although the River Lea, a nice little river with some surprisingly big fish in it, does run alongside the lake and I suppose chub could slip in during floods etc. I’ve caught big chub while barbel fishing on rivers, particularly on The Wye, but this one dwarfed the lot.

Call me old-fashioned, but it will never feel “right” to me though to catch a chub in a lake. And in truth not much of a chub-fight to enjoy as s/he didn’t have the current to work with. Our boy was ecstatic though :~}


Fantastic. Your son will always remember that moment.

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He will, and it was a great day out for that. At the tender age of five-and-a-half he’s already seen a fair few nice barbel & chub on the bank. Caught a few himself even [the River Lea where I take him sometimes is pretty easy for barbel & chub if truth be told, if the weather’s right and you keep it simple]. My next step is to take him to The Severn or the Wye where it’s much more of a waiting game, and much more of a battle to get them on the bank :~}

Much the better for that though!

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Fished the Frome in Dorset yesterday. Just a couple of small wild fish, nothing moving, until, typically, a short time before I had to leave when it switched on. Two nice fish, and one lost, in the last hour.