A wine not a beer…

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Rose classified as beer.

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Oops! Good spot, thank you - will flag this with the web team! :see_no_evil:

Is there a proper place to report these sort of mistakes? I just used the chat facility to report a similar mistake, which was fine, but would have been simpler and quicker to have done it here.

Maybe a feedback section?

The live chat facility is the best place for this, as it’s instant and can be dealt with instantly. A feedback section would be reviewed & cleared down once in a while, therefore wouldn’t be as immediate, and , and the Community isn’t designed to be a member service channel as staff aren’t looking at it all the time (Laura just happened to see @Richard’s post at the time). Of course we’ll help when we can, but chat is the most immediate without picking up the phone.


I’ll stick with that. It’s not like I find issues everyday. This one was funny though as when browsing accessories I found a wine for sale!

Although I think @Richard’s one of a wine classified as a beer tops it! :smiley:

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Things can get confusing , :wink:

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Yup I’m confused. Strange one! :thinking:

Of course, this summer has led to much consumption of Rosé as if it were beer…