A week in wine 20th to 23rd Feb 2023

Or you have huge hands? looking like a very fine way to start the week :slight_smile:

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Poor form to reply to one’s own post… so here we are:

Absolutely superb Chenin Blanc in my opinion. Classic beeswax & lanolin on the nose, then lime cordial and a flinty almost Chablis like mineral edge. Finish is green nettles, sharp & crystaline. Will no doubt improve & mellow given time… but so very drinkable right now.

Or as The Lady Lapin says: “Fruity” which is good - seems like I’m drinking the bottle myself over the next couple of days :slight_smile:


Breaking the rules tonight to accompany bangers and mash…initially quite soft and ready.

One of @Taffy-on-Tour favourites


Remind us?

Having done a damp January. Monday is normally a 1% or maybe H2O…but not tonight👍


Extreme Monday, extreme wine…

Lightish, lifted, vibrant… 100% listan negro from the traditional “soco” vineyards of Lanzarote. Apparently a one-off to help local winemakers in the COVID vintage. It’s a toothsome red, totally my kinda thing.



Oh… I though Taffy might have left us with a golden rule for Wine & Bangers & Mash !

ToT had his say on this thread


I will be very interested to hear your thoughts on the Flaccianello. I had a 2010 last year I don’t plan in opening another one any time soon.

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Trying out a new-to-me Villa Maria SB, Reserve Southern Clays, I think a recent Waitrose purchase.

On opening the bottle it’s got the classic big grassy, gooseberry aromas, and I thought I was in for a typical Kiwi thrashing. But when it gets in the ring I realise it’s got one hand tied behind its back, and with just the one hand it’s much easier to handle. Yes, it’s a Kiwi SB, but it has a very appealing and restrained strength. Scores highly with me!

(That’s strange!)


Bollinger , KFC and :us: Football perhaps


The Flaccianello was superb. Drinking absolutely beautifully. So smooth. So elegant. Loved it.

The other two weren’t bad either!


Some news from The Cape. According to Platter’s 2023 edition, Rustenberg have now discontinued their Roussanne.

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Just chipping in that the vineyards of southern Lanazarote are one of the most awesome / bonkers spectacles for a vineyard tourist to experience and any trip to the Canary Islands merits a detour / day trip there just to see it at first hand. There are regular and relatively cheap internal flights from Gran Canaria or Tenerife to facilitate that. The main variety grown is a local cultivar / variant of Malvasia; Malvasia Volcanica - well adapted to the hostile (very windy and dry…) climate. They actually grow in normal soil but this is found 2m below the layer of volcanic cinders. Every season they have to re-excavate each individual vine’s pit by hand…

Here’s my favourite souvenir pic, which includes the dormant volcano to the right which was responsible for the eruption, and one with ToH in for scale…


Great pics, I always thought the walls were smaller! Malvasía Volcánica can be very nice. I’ve never been to Canarias but they do make wines that my wife instantly likes.

Beautiful pics!

Probably easier to get to Lanzarote from the UK than from the other islands. But then I have been to pretty much all of them, there not being many options for civilised weather in winter!

I’d had plenty of malvasia there, but never came across a Listan Negro while there

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Oh, really? Did they say why? It’s sooo good… Really surprised!

And the same at Bellingham Wines. No reason given because it’s just a wine guide. Perhaps insufficient local sales.

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Nice sunset here tonight.


Happy Pancake Day, with added booze here as we are giving it up for lent :face_with_diagonal_mouth: