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A very tough time

It occurs to me, that some members must be going through a very hard time at the moment, having lost a member of their family or friend to this quite awful pandemic.
I am 5+ weeks of isolation due to an operation and a health condition.
But I have not lost anyone, so I consider myself extremely fortunate.
So, for those members who have suffered a loss or worse, might I please offer a prayer to you. We are a group who are enthusiastic about wine, and celebrate that passion which will naturally include our nearest and dearest.
We can all exhibit the “stiff upper lip” that the Brits are famous for. But there is no harm in documenting a loss here, even on this scrap of electronic ether.
Let me say, that I have lost virtually all of my close family, it was hard then and no better today.
I would like to think that all members offer something different, in their own way.
We may never meet each other, but that does not mean that we are not connected in a very real way even when going through the darkest of times.
My heart goes out to each and every one of you. :sob: :cry:


Thanks for posting Taffy. We lost my aunt and she died all alone as no one could visit her in hospital :cry:

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So so sorry to read about your news, @profavi! :cry: it feels so utterly wrong, despite the obvious circumstances, that people should die alone in this day and age. My thoughts are with you!


There are no words really. I’m terrified that this might happen with my mum.

My thoughts are with you.

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Oh, I’m so very sorry. This is a nightmare for anyone losing a loved one and my heart goes out to you.

The one small comfort I’ve seen so far is many NHS workers on social media saying that wherever possible, they sit with their patients as they pass away. Of course, it would be 100 times better if their loved ones could be there, but these small acts of compassion by key workers are so heartening.


How awful for all of you and your Aunt @profavi, I am so very sorry. This is a horrible horrible time for tens of thousands of people.


How heartbreaking for you and your family @profavi. My sincerest condolences. I don’t know if you take comfort in music but I do and I find this version of You’ll Never Walk Alone fully brings out the true meaning of the song, almost a hymn.


I posted to try and provide a support outlet for those members going through the most difficult of times. As a very young man, just 23; I joined the Samaritans for a few years. I had no idea of what was happening in my part of Taffy-land. I always did an evening shift, quite often the weekend; and when I answered a call, one had no idea what one might hear.
But just listening, being there was all that we could do; and possibly this thread might replicate that.
It strikes me that some members might have lost a parent, partner, family member, friend or even offspring to this viral scourge. If you have, you can post here, the name of those lost - as your tribute. Or maybe more. That is up to you.
The one thing that I am sure is, from the Thursday evening clapping, saluting those who risk their lives every single day for us and the truly magnificent exploits of a 99 year old Army Captain who had a GREAT IDEA, our nation after this horror story is over; WILL be a better place.
And for those, that we lose along the way, even in our small community; there should be a place where we can see their names or even their nicknames.