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A trip to Porto!



Hi All!

I’m off to Porto I’m a few weeks and I’m after some recommendations! We are staying in a vineyard; Quinta da Pacheca for a couple of nights before heading in to the city.

Does anyone know any wine hot spots, or other vineyards we should visit?



If you like “natural” wine, I’d try to visit Aphros. Or else Soalheiro, but that is in Melgaco, which is a fair way from Porto. Anselmo Mendes?


If you fancy a really outstanding bit of fine dining then check out O’Paparico
It is without a doubt one of the best 3 restaurants I have ever been to. Budget at least 3 hours though. So much wonderful food and wine.


I love the wines from Soalheiro, tend to purchase elsewhere though for a wider selection . Also @Jojo, have a look at this thread for further recommendations from community members :+1:.


Hah! Came back from there a couple of weeks ago!

One suggestion that comes with a strong recommendation (from me) would be to go to Pinhao. If you are in Porto you can catch the train from either Sao Bento or Campanha station. The line runs up to the Spanish border (nearly). If going from Quinta da Pacheca you can pick up the train from Regua. It’s one of the great railway journeys, and Pinhao’s lovely (but small) station is a tile-decorated joy.

There are several things you could do - an hour’s trip on one of the river boats is interesting as you can observe a number of famous name’s vineyards, and it’s very peaceful and relaxing.

But a 15-minute walk around the corner from Pinhao back in the direction of Regua will bring you to Quinta de la Rosa. They have a good restaurant, and their wines are of a high standard (BBR bring them in to the UK). Their 20-y.o. tawny is I think the best of that category I have tasted. You can have a lovely relaxed meal on their terrace overlooking the Douro, accompanied by their wines, plus a few others that Jorge Moreira (their winemaker) has chosen, including some from his own property, Poeira. Q delaR have a website worth a look if this interests you.

Also worth a look is Symington’s Quinta do Bomfim at the other end of Pinhao. This used to be just a production facility, but they have now built a big reception/tasting area where you can try a lot of their wines and ports, such as Graham’s and Dows. I can particularly recommend the older Dows aged tawnies (30 & 40 years) which to my taste outclass the Grahams ones. Lots to taste here if you have the time. I think you can still book a trip around the production facilities, but you can just turn up for the tasting. If they have room, you may be able to join a tour the same day but I haven’t tried it.

There’s also the Vintage House hotel in Pinhao who have a good restaurant. I seem to recall it’s owned by Taylors or someone like that.


I thought it was further from Pinhao than that and up the side of the valley, so I googled it. Wow - it has changed a lot since we visited in 2012. Then it was just a smallish building with a few guest rooms, and dinner served in the large kitchen - a little run-down, but a very cosy atmosphere and really nice hosts, and the food was simple, tasty, and served in large portions. We had dinner there and did not stay, but thought it would be nice to return for a few days.

Seems like it has smartened itself up a lot, and expanded a lot, with the old building we were in perhaps just being one part of the accommodation. And you are of course quite right that the main building is within easy walking distance of Pinhao, and by the river.


Not impressed with the food at Quinta de la Rosa. It’s a lovely place to stay, esp in summer with the gorgeous garden pool, but food (and the wine they served with it) was a let down. Rui Paula’s (??) place on the other side of the river was great though - need a car for that, of course!


Thanks very much everyone… I’ll certainly be checking a few of those out.

Pinhão look fantastic but not sure we’ve budgeted enough time on this occasion!


Really enjoyed a trip here two years ago - lots to see and drink! Had a very tasty lunch at Cantina 32 - Portuguese with a modern twist - great Octopus dish… Rua das Flores, so useful location - best to book for evening meals.
If you have time and the weather’s nice, a slow, but atmospheric tram to Foz to see the wild Atlantic is well worth it.