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A toast with a difference?


Evening all!

My family have a bit of a multi celebration coming up. It’s something we do once a year as we are dispersed across the country and often don’t get to spend Birthdays and Anniversary’s together.

It’s a bouncy castle Bbq and BYOB. But as it’s my turn to host :flushed: I need to get something in for a toast. Most years it’s a fairly standard prosecco or cheap champagne but as I’m the token “Wino” I would love to offer something different.

All suggestions greatly received, but realistically my must haves are;
*Fizzy (it’s a celebration after all)
*No more that £20 a bottle (it’s a big family)
*Not Prosecco

Any thoughts?


Aldi Cremant de Jura…100%Chardonnay, about £8… Just a personal thought bouncy castle + alcohol :roll_eyes:


Sounds like a good shout… I’ll definitely try and sample this weekend!

:joy: As a general rule the bouncy castle is for the children… who generally don’t drink as much alcohol!


Society’s Saumur Brut is great value:


Or this forum favourite and great value


Until they go to bed. Then it’s a good scoot of washing up liquid on the bounce floor and aim the hose at it.

Bouncy castle foam party :sunglasses:


@herbster …??? Sounds like there’s a new thread to be started :rofl::see_no_evil::rofl::rofl::rofl:


We love this little gem from Waitrose, and we’re yet to meet guests who don’t enjoy it:
It’s a refreshing blend of Marsanne and Rousanne, and is light and frothy and fun - not unlike @Herbster’s foam party! :wink:


Like @tom I’d go with the Societys Samir, but I’d got rosé. Adds a bit of fun and IMHO it’s more of a crowd and pleaser.



How about some Cava? Tastes like champagne, at least half the price. This one is made by Muga:

Or the total bargain that is:

I’d always reach for a bottle of Cava in place of Prosecco. Prosecco - eugh. :nauseated_face:


The Haro is seriously good.


Slightly over budget but it’s English, from Ridgeview.


This is great fun with a barbecue!


My first choice for that sort of event would be the Aldi cremant - decent stuff for a great price, and looks the part too.

But if you are in Aldi, and you think the Champagne name might go down well, try their Champagne too - around £12 I think. Personally I prefer the cremant, but I know others that rate the Champagne.


And the Society Rose Saumur is also lovely, one of our favourites, with added pinkness!


All seriously good suggestions! :smiley: My two cents:

My go-to party fizz - pretty Champagne-like in style but ridiculous value IMO.


Definitely second Aldi Cremant de Jura. You cannot go wrong for the price - it’s a great buy. Wou.ld also “second” the Hortas do Caseirinho Frisante.


If you’d wanted a sub £10 bottle you’d presumably said so…

Plenty of supermarket and Majestic Champagne available under £20.
Maj also have English fizz Chapel Down Brut NV for £17.23 for two weeks

And M&S have a third off wine sale at moment.

World’s your lobster - in the words of the immortal Arfur Daley


If you’re looking for different I’d really recommend this. Lovely and creamy but still fresh and citrussy.


Wow!! Thank you all very much for taking the time to recommend!

I fully intend to get trying all of those… I don’t want to give it out blindly obviously! :grin: