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A taste of irritation


A while ago, I forget exactly when, I tried to book for the Languedoc Roussillon tasting in Guildford. It was sold out already and offered only the chance of joining the waiting list. No idea how big this list was. Now I see it advertised on the front page of TWS website. Of course I was excited and clicked on it, only to see “out of stock”.

I’m not quite sure of the purpose of advertising sold-out events. I’m disappointed and unimpressed.


I would imagine this was a pre- scheduled post and TWS had not anticipated it to sell out so quick. Maybe you could have a look and see if there is another tasting which may appeal to you?


Yes, I suppose it could have been, but it sold out weeks rather than days ago if I remember rightly.
Sadly this is the only one that doesn’t need a considerable commute - I think that’s why it’s rather a sore point!


I know on social media scheduled postings would probably be done at the time an “event” is listed, I’m assuming this is what happened here . Onwards and upwards, is there anything else listed for Guildford in the near future?


Not that I know of, but I’ll be poised …


And they didn’t even say Surrey!


Always annoying when things are sold to by the time you hear about them…but the world still turns

did you go to the love wine festival last weekend ? If so, was it any good ?


Unfortunately no.