A start of a journey

Inspired by a Masterclass from James Suckling, me and my wife would like to start a journey in wine tasting.

Asking fellow members for suggestions on wines available at TWS with the following marks:

  1. Price: Between 10-30 pound per bottle
  2. Body: medium/light body
  3. Taste: anything fruity/mineral/elegant/balanced
  4. Region/Grape: anything considered “One of the best region for the grape”
  5. Avoid: Too acidic/full body wines, wines from “up and coming” countries (we will keep for a separate testing)

Thanks all who’d help!

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I feel like a ‘journey in wine tasting’ mixed case would be a hit on the website.


Red and white?

Red and white

My two (@ work, so little time for a full list :wink:) are:

Delicious and on the medium+, not too acidic, elegant and delicious spectrum.

Really good and well priced - a benchmark for me about how good simple Chardonnay can be and a tempter for more interesting and more expensive white Burgundy.


What grapes did you have in mind?

I am not sure I can help much with your specific query. However, you might like to take a look at the latest edition (2017) of Essential Winetasting by Michael Schuster. In the 2nd part, there is a series of suggested winetasting excercises, with suggested wines, through which you can learn about various styles.

If you go to Amazon, you can take a look inside the book online, and see if those tasting exercises are the sort of thing that might interest you.

Regarding a ‘journey in wine tasting’ mixed case, when I first joined TWS they did indeed have such a mixed case, complete with a booklet written by Michael Schuster, which I gather was written in a style similar to the exercises in the first edition of his book. And I vaguely remember another merchant (Waitrose I think) was giving away copies of the book along with mixed cases of wine to use in the exercises. Both seemed like a great idea, but by that time I have already worked through the exercise.

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Agreed. I’ve found this

. Wondering if anyone tried it?

Had a quick look at that list, there’s a few in there that aren’t medium to light bodied ( one of your criteria.)

I actually think they’ve done it before, complete with extensive notes and guide to wine tasting etc, but surprised it’s not a permanent thing. Maybe not as popular as I imagined!

That list looks good. This thread reminds me of my very first WS purchase, when I was just getting into wine, which was a 15-bottle case of ‘members’ favourites’. That was really great, and a nice wide range. I see they do similar offers regularly, and one right now:

Exciting! This could provide some reds that fit your criteria

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My choices for whites:


but I can’t guarantee they meet criteria 3 which I don’t really ‘get’ to be honest…

I guess Xinomavro is out then??
Shame, its a great grape varietal especially if you are after a medium red which is very balanced.


Being slightly facetious for a moment, I think ‘one of the best region for the grapes’ and a limit of £30 rules out Burgundy for PN! I would therefore direct the OP to the Kooyong Massale, Prophets Rock and Wassmer for Pinot noir from established producing regions which will be good and in budget.


Unless it’s from one of the less celebrated locations, perhaps?

These two are in my wishlist, for example (though obviously can’t comment as haven’t tried either yet):

But you’re probably right, in that New World/Germany would be a cheaper, and maybe less risky an introduction to PN.

If it’s good value and reasonable quality Pinot Noir you fancy, my suggestion is to try some Chilean examples and perhaps compare with @Inbar’s suggestions above - there are some very good wines around £16 which will provide an intriguing comparison with the Burgundy.

But then you will need some Burgundy to compare it to, which now is too expensive… quite the paradox… :wink:

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reminds me of the great Gregory Corso poem The Whole Mess…Almost which ends with the superb line: “Out the window with the window!” Worth reading the whole poem (or even better finding the recording of Corso reading it).


Good one… If anyone else interested:


Wow, so many good suggestions (Including the Corso poem).

I want to take a minute to thanks all the people that helped me choose the best wine for my taste and all the superb community here a TWS.

The next few glasses are dedicated to you all of course!