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A special new Whisky is coming

Hi all, I hope you’re having a lovely week :slight_smile:

Our team is planning the launch of a special new whisky which I’m pretty excited about to be honest - yikes! It’s still all very new to me but the dedication put into this is beyond exciting, wish you could see through your very own eyes.

I can’t reveal much yet, but I know you’ve been looking forward to hearing more so wanted to let you know that it’s not too long to wait until I can share more info. Am hoping to involve some of our beloved community too, which is so exciting! I’ll keep you in the loop, keep an eye on this thread! :face_with_monocle:


@TeresaGirao Very exciting :smiley:

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Oooo, is this #2 in the Society’s Reserve Cask Selection series??


Pretty mega hyped tbh. Loved the last reserve cask release


The first one was about a year ago iirc.

Hope I get an email and chance to get another couple of bottles.

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This IS exciting.


I’m in

Peaty I hope

Ooh - a marketing teaser. How very dare they.

At the press tasting (wine not whisky) I tried to get Sarah to divulge the distillery (ies?) and sadly got nowhere. I even mentioned Mortlach and Caol Ila as options - she didn’t give anything away.

So I shall have to get a bottle in - purely to satisfy my curiosity you understand.


I had both on Sunday at the whisky show via the Gordon and MacPhail indy bottling’s.

Both excellent but that Mortlach was something else.


I’m a very definitely Islay centred whisky drinker. The Caol Ila sounds incredible. Though I’ve had 25 year old (I think) when visiting the distillery on a bike trip with my partner. She was pregnant with our wee one (not so wee now) at the time and couldn’t drink and our relationship just about survived it…


Didn’t you use thumbscrews ……that works

My wish would be if it was a Springbank bottling. :pray:
The notion of going around Scotland in terms of style might seem most equitable.
So Highland, Lowland and the variety of Island bottles from Highland Park (Orkney) to Laphroaig (Islay), maybe Campbeltown (Springbank) could be another distinct category??
The lead time for these Society bottlings might well be a decade (or two), so I can only hope that some far-sighted decision from the mists of time included Springbank into the mix.
One can only hope!! :pray: :dragon:

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Me too Taff …… Btw springbank has stopped entry to their society …… the springbank fever is strong these days

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And quality is suffering as a result.

I opened a bottle of 10 recently and it’s not as good as it used to be. It’s a lot peatier too.

Yes but still better than many other malts at the price.

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Try get the 12 cask strength …they included some wine casks last but one edition …the standard editions are even scarce now

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Hens teeth. I havn’t had a 12 y/o SB for three years - the flippers are dining out on them. Personal opinion but the last Longrow red wine finish I had was awful, god knows why they do it.

Possibly impossible to action… but I SO WISH this (or any other) government would impose a REAL tax on internet sales (or whatever), and stuff the secondary market?

Definitely liking the sound of this!!

Speculating, but the launch is probably not THAT FAR AWAY! :dragon: