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A smart no-sulphur wine I tried this weekend


When I find myself in times of trouble…

So reads the back label of this rather lovely Corbières I opened over the weekend:

This is from Ollieux Romanis, who make our Society’s Corbières and others. I’ve always loved their wines and was intrigued to try this. Found it very fruity, forward and - for all its 14.5%-alc brawn - quite an elegant drop. A good one to serve a little on the cool side and, at a time when the weather seems to be all over the place, hearty enough for comfort food but refreshing enough for warmer outbursts too.

Has anyone else tried it? Be very interested to hear what you think!


I cannot WAIT to try this. I’m very interested in natural wines but I’ve had some stinkers in the past. Sorry to sound a bit daft but did it actually taste noticeably different for being sulphur-free? Would you buy this over less-expensive non-natural Corbières for the sake of it being a natural wine?


VERY good questions! I wouldn’t hang my why-I-liked-it hat purely on the sulphur-free element of the winemaking; BUT acknowledge that this is part and parcel of the low-intervention approach (detailed in such a lovely way on that back label), which I find personally very appealing. In the glass, that translated to me as a fresh and fundamentally fruit-forward expression of Corbières. On the other hand, our Society’s one, for example, is delicious but much more polished and chunky; and I would never think to serve it cellar-cool - same place, same grapes, but a different style altogether. Hope of some use!?