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A small celebration case - suggestions sought



I have a small personal success to toast and I would really like your advice.

I need to put together a case of around 6 wines, with an average price £10-£12 to drink at home. While I am keen to explore new tastes, I am actually a TERRIBLE shopper when there are too many options, and honestly never know where to start (that applies to many things, and one reason I hate buying gifts).

I usually rely on staff or press tastings to give me ideas, but I’ve not been to any for ages. The BBQ thread was a great inspiration, but the weather has since changed and I’m feeling a bit more autumnal already.

If you could suggest a wine for me to buy, what would it be? I will put the final list together in this post, then after buying it, will reply with thoughts on each wine as I drink it. Feel free to buy your own case of course!

Can you help?


So, here is the list. Thank you all SO much for your suggestions. I’ve squeaked in just below my maximum budget of £72 (isn’t that ALWAYS the way??), so can’t be bad. I’ve kept the other wines as wishlist items for the future too, but my wife is less of a fan of off-dry Riesling than I am, so those will be for me at some stage.

I will try to remember to post wine reviews of each of these wines to the site to share the enjoyment :slight_smile:

AU19421 Tahbilk Nagambie Lakes Marsanne 2016
IT23221 Lugana, Cà dei Frati 2016
BU63121 Olivier Leflaive, Bourgogne Les Sétilles Bourgogne Blanc 2015
CE9061 The Society’s Exhibition Peumo Merlot 2015
RH44281 Lirac Rouge La Fermade, Domaine Maby 2015
AR3161 Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Comparing notes with far away friends

I’ve mentioned it before, but I think this is a brilliant wine for the money. Mature, complex but still fruity. A great autumn/winter wine!

Edit: not sure why the link thing isn’t working - it’s the Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 at £12.50


This was a blackcurrant extravaganza and best wine under a tenner ever…exhibition peumo merlot


That’s good to hear - I have one tucked away for a rainy day. Or a sunny one.


I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Autumny indeed.


Some truly excellent suggestions - thank you @Bargainbob, @Nowt_in_my_glass, @szaki1974

( will fix the display for the links asap so others can see them)

I’m getting very excited about this case.

Does anyone have any white suggestions by any chance?


If you’re into your rieslings then you can certainly do worse than this one :

A bit of sweetness and richness to it and it seems to go down far too easliy!


re white suggestions

  1. one I’ve mentioned before in another thread:

Pietralata Sannio Greco, Janare 2015

  1. one that is on my wishlist/to drink list and so I’d welcome hearing about your impressions:

Lugana, Cà dei Frati 2016

bring back the pictures!


Gorgeous suggestions so far!

If you’re looking for another white, I can’t recommend this enough:

Tahbilk Marsanne - £10.50

I had always enjoyed their viognier and only really tried this out of curiosity, and it’s even better!! It pretty much explodes with fruit freshness and has gorgeous complexity with herby notes and lovely texture.

It quite frequently features in the Great Savings multibuy offers too, so if you like it you may be able to snap up a case at a ridiculous price… :grinning:


I’ll second this. I actually have a case of 12 of the 2015 in reserves.


Agree that’s lovely but now its on bin end

The Maximin Grünhäuser Bruderberg Riesling Kabinett is even better imo!


Plus the label will go with Robert’s shirts!



he he he - you should see what I’m wearing today :slight_smile:

Singapore F1GP

As for whites… what about this one, just ever so slightly above the budget, I know it is Burgundy


I’m thinking of ‘average’ so as long as I can make economies elsewhere, happy to consider it, thanks


Added to the Wish List - cheers @NickFoster :smiley:


Thanks - I love the Carrascal already, but not tried this. Have you tried the cheaper wine? Much difference?


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I’ve put together a case and am ordering it tonight (I hope). The full list is above and I hope to come back here with tasting notes in due course.

I :heart: the collective shopping idea - so much easier to review suggestions than to search for the proverbial needle yourself


Yeah I tried the Carrascal a couple of months ago and enjoyed it, but the Cabernet is a different beast altogether. Very full bodied and very deeply flavoured. Richer and mellower than the Carrascal.
I put together an order for a weekend away with family in January, and the Weinert was the one that stopped us in our tracks and made us pay attention.


@Bargainbob - Would you say it is worth buying a case of 12 of this for the next 2 winters? Winter is coming