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A Simpler more Gentle age


As we approach Christmas the drinking threads on here fill up with exotics from all corners of the world, well mainly the Rhone !, that people will sip drink and guzzle over the festive period.

A lot of planning for some, deep thinking for others and consideration for guests who will be drinking under your roof in the next couple of weeks, indeed the Rhone thread has gone into melt down on the merits of year x versas year y and which should be broached first.

Sometimes just sometimes don’t you wish you could be transported back to a simpler less stressful time when delights such as this

could be followed by this

so you could end up like this

or worse like this

and even toast you all Merry Christmas with this

Merry Christmas everyone !!!


A bottle of Bull’s Blood, followed by a bottle of Blue Nun, will make me think I’m Jimi Hendrix… …not sure what everyone else will think though :rofl:


Oliver Reed maybe?


I’ve ever been to the 70s, but it looks dreadful :rofl:


Too magisterial in his inebriation, I fear.

Perhaps something more like this:



The other two I remember from that bygone era are:





Or these:

How many of you will own up to drinking these in their day. I still have a load of them being put to a much better use now than when they held cheap Californian Paul Masson wine (I notice you can still buy them in not dissimilar bottles).



Then there was this…


All preceded by a Snowball cocktail of course! :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::partying_face:


What, no Spanish Sauternes? I remember it was a staple of Christmas in the 70’s.

Not all wines in the 70s were awful. My Dad always treated himself to a special bottle of Barbaresco for Christmas. The only bottle of red that crossed the threshold all year.

I was amazed to find that TWS stock that wine today. The first “fine wine” I ever tasted was their ‘76… sold way back then in Littlewoods food hall if I recall correctly…


Jimi Hendrix is drinking the Mateus Rose…


Ah. Did not spot that. So sorry.


Well…… if its good enough for Jimi…:rofl:


Don’t forget terrible sweet Lambrusco back in the 70s and 80s which isn’t real Lambrusco unlike the example below:


Me. Paul Masson Burgundy (as it was in the USA)


Nectar of the gods!


Hah, I’m too young to remember that slogan, but I guess that’s what inspired the sign in my aunt’s house :smiley:


I don’t think they used it in the UK. In fact, I think their California Red in the ‘liter’ carafe was their only product in the UK


Guilty !!!


It was called Pinot Chardonnay until constant nagging from experts that Chardonnay was not related in any way to Pinot brought about the name change to just Chardonnay…

Roll on a couple of decades and DNA proves those experts were utterly wrong…