A recipe perfect for Rhone?

Wow, thanks so much, everyone! Would it be over the top for me to try all of these suggestions, I wonder… :crazy_face:

Yes please, Leah, this sounds DELISH!

@ChinChin, I just attempted to watch some of that Keith Floyd episode but had to turn it off because I was laughing too loud in the office. :joy: The way he’s gently swaying at the end of the mammoth tasting as he says “I’ve narrowed it down to three…” I’m going to watch the full episode when I get home later. :grin:

Thanks for the Wild Meat Co tip, @Inbar! I always wondered where to buy wild boar - I’d love to try to recreate the wild boar stew Katie Jones served us (her mother-in-law’s recipe, I think!) when we visited Domaine Jones in the south of France.
Although I see they sell squirrel?! I’ve never had the urge to try that… :see_no_evil:


Do you like partridge? Similar, maybe a bit like rabbit too.

I think the recipe below goes with a Rhone red or white. I’d add some tenderstem broc and i’ve experimented with nice tangy red cabbage to take it to a full dish. I think it ticks the boxes of earthy and rich which can balance the wine. I like gruyere on top to be super decadent!


Syrah/Grenache with no meat is no mean feat!

Just thought, did this last Christmas too:


paired with a richer Chablis, and was wonderful. Swapped for veg stock and white wine. Think it would work just as well with a white Rhone. Didn’t feel the need for thickening; made the sauce ahead of time and warmed up when doing the croutes and eggs, was fine as was.

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Ah that glazed expression of not being able to completely focus :joy: - what a legend.

Try and carve out time for the series, all episodes are on YouTube (and iPlayer I think). The way his larger than life personality undermines his cohost - JP - just because he takes too long explaining wine, and not enough time opening and pouring.

We found it really difficult to watch precisely because of this! There’s something so utterly rude and impetuous about his attitude to JP. He looked pretty run down and awful by this stage too - a functioning (?) alcoholic in all but name.

He certainly isn’t everyones cup of tea. in regards to rude and impetuous, this seems to be a trend that has become worse with some TV chefs over the years.

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Oh, absolutely!

I actually really liked previous Floyd shows - especially his Floyd on Fish and Floyd on France - one expected him to drink half the bottle he was cooking with, but he was still mainly coherent. In this show, however, he really does seem like a bumbling fool, which I struggled to watch - let along enjoy.

With such a change, I would wager he was going through a bad patch in his life and had a lot of troubles.

I personally quite enjoyed this series, maybe because all of his work just seemed to meld together for me: mixing up his best and worst bits in to one. Or because I baseline him against obnoxious swearing machine, Gordon Ramsey.

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I read somewhere that the spices and fruits in a lamb tagine can work well with red Rhone. I hope to try this at the weekend (or next weekend) and can report back…

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Absolutely. After Rioja the Tandem Moroccan Syrah is my pick for lamb tagine!

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I find this to be true in respect of Southern Rhone red wines.

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That shop looks insane! Yum!

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Indeed. I wonder if this recipe might be a good one for a Grenache…


Am i out of line for saying I’d put grenache (where it’s predominant in a wine) in room 101?

Edit: probably on this thread, yes :joy:


The last time we made this recipe we had a (gorgeous!) Mallorcan bottle with it - which matched it really nicely, but I think you’re definitely spot on about a Rhone Grenache complementing it just as well!

I can’t recommend them highly enough! Haven’t had a duff product from them as yet - and their free range goat is one of my favourite recent finds and makes the best Jamaican goat curry! :heart_eyes:

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Wild boar bacon. I wept with joy!

Wild boar chorizo is pretty amazing too…! :wink:


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