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A recipe perfect for Rhone?


Hi all!

I’m preparing something for our February social media and what I’d really love is a recipe that would be a delicious match for red Rhone - and I noticed our website doesn’t seem to have any recipes that fit! A bit of an oversight on our behalf, perhaps… :flushed:

So my question to you guys is: What are your classic dinner matches for red Rhone? I know that’s quite broad, so feel free to specify specific wines/appellations with your suggestions! I’m thinking the likes of shepherd’s pie and stews/casseroles would be a good fit, but ideally I’m after a specific recipe.

If anyone has your own recipe you’d like to share here, that would be completely amazing, but otherwise I’m after as many ideas as possible! :smiley:

HUGE thanks in advance if you can help.


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Sausage (e.g. cumberland etc) and green lentil casserole.

Or steak.



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Haha! Come to think of it, we do have an old recipe of Marcel’s for cassoulet on the website somewhere… I’ll try and dig that out, thanks!


This one works. Other brands of duck are available.


From recent experience a venison, red wine and root vegetable casserole goes well with both a northern Rhone Syrah and Grenache based wines from the south.

I’m sure beef would do the same with wines from the south. I like something more gamey with wines from the north though.


Would that be Northern Rhone or Southern Rhone?


Had a wonderful mature Cote Rotie/roast pheasant combo a month or two ago.

Tomorrow I am planning on opening another Cote Rotie, this one a bit younger, with Ottolenghi’s Middle Eastern version of shepherd’s pie… should be good!


Gosh these suggestions sound good! Not helping my attempt to eat less meat, though :wink:

Either! I’m on the lookout for any particularly great matches you’ve found, so if there’s specific examples + specific recipes that have worked well for you, I’d love to hear them!


I make a slow cooked steak pie with brisket … dead easy , shout if yo want the recipe :wink:


ask Felicity Cloke TWS’s resident recipe provider!
I reckon it’ll pair well with haggis…


The region’s food changes with the seasons, generally though the food is really quite ‘hearty’ and intentionally meant to be more fulfilling. I find the secret is more in the prep the night before and leaving things to marinade overnight, with this check out Provençal Beef Daube (beef stew basically). There are plenty of recipes available - but as I’m more of a visual person here is a nice easy to follow recipe.

Also here’s a “just for fun” share. It’s the Keith Floyd ‘Floyd Uncorked’ episode from the Rhône. There’s a nice salt cod recipe here but look out for the piece on tasting the Rhône wines - he can’t be bothered to visit all the regions so he tastes 16 wines in one sitting - being the pro he is you can tell at the end that he carried out this task to best of his ability :woozy_face:

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Wild boar stew. Easy to find a recipe, the meat might be more difficult…


Last Christmas we had venison Wellington with a Côte Rotie, was delightful.


Agree! A wild boar stew works really well with reds from the Rhone.

We buy all our game from the Wild Meat Company, who are based in Suffolk - highly recommended! We do a bulk order twice a year :+1:

We enjoyed this recipe, from their website, last year with a 2015 Guigal Cotes du Rhone.


Thanks - deciding to cook that will go into my ‘plausible excuses to open a Cornas’ collection :rofl:


I feel sure that this is totally inappropriate and not what you’re after but equally sure that this would be a lovely match with many wines from the Rhône, particularly the North.

Venison lasagne from Cook - very tasty indeed. For when you really can’t be arsed, but still fancy something delicious. Served tonight with sautéed white cabbage & nigella seeds and petit pois.


If we’re going white, I had an amazing crispy belly-pork and butterbean mash with a white Hermitage recently!

Unfortunately it was at a restaurant, but having mentioned this I am now going to attempt to recreate it (possibly without the white Hermitage as I need to drink up some space, I have a Californian Rousanne/Marsanne blend though).


Having started on this recreation path, my partner has reminded me that said restaurant (Le Pim’pi Bistrot in Biarritz) also did the actual best chocolate pudding she’s ever had.


Which reminds me of the only time I’ve had PJA Hermitage La Chapelle; it was served with a bitter chocolate fondant pudding with redcurrant coulis. A surprisingly good match.

We were in Vineum in Tain L’hermitage at the time - so they knew what they were doing!