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A personal announcement - a new admin team


It was just over 1 year ago that we brought this site to life …

… and it is just over 2 years since I came to The Wine Society on a 6-week contract to work on some launch plans for a members’ community.

What a fun time it has been.

However, I am shortly going to be changing my role here in the community and I shall be losing the coveted ‘Society Staff’ tag and the Admin role.


I’m not leaving the community and I remain a member, but I am no longer going to be working for The Society and therefore I will be taking a step away from the day to day running of the site.

I am VERY excited that @Laura has been appointed the full-time Community & Social Media Manager for The Wine Society and that she will be continuing to do an excellent job of keeping this place running smoothly. As you know, this is not something I’ve been doing alone and we’ve been a great team (along with @ewan and @martin_brown) so I’m sure you’ll hardly notice my absence.

I will leave Laura to tell you more about her ideas and plans in a separate topic, but I wanted to express my deep felt personal thank you to ALL of you for making my dream come alive. I have been involved in community-building in one way or another for my whole career (that’s over two decades) but this is one of the first times I’ve done it on purpose, from scratch and with the support of a business that understood what we were trying to achieve and invested in it accordingly. The Wine Society is full of wonderful, loving and genuinely nice people – of course I’m referring to staff as well as members in general. It has been a privilege to work with the team here.

There are too many individual members to mention here, to whom I will be forever indebted for getting involved in the community and turning into one of the most exciting places on the web – plus that might be embarrassing for everyone. I am hoping I get to meet most of you in person in the near future so I can thank you personally. Hugs may be offered!

My plan is to stay actively involved in the community, but as a moderator instead of administrator, and so I can still make suggestions and help this place to flourish … and I can keep my wishlist topped-up and the orders flowing.

As I say, I’m not going anywhere, so no tears (ha!) and no talking about me behind my back!

Cheers to everyone!


it has been an honour… and it will continue to be an honour


Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done with this community @robert_mcintosh . You have done an amazing job at providing an inclusive space for the whole community to discuss their passion for wine openly and without prejudice. I’m glad you’re sticking around too. Your knowledge, particularly of Rioja is a benefit to all of us and I hope you will still continue to make suggestions and recommendations to the rest of us on here.
I hope to meet you again in person, 'cause you’re great craic and I love the shirts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
@laura, Huge Congratulations and I’m pretty confident you will take this community onwards and upwards to new heights and boldly go where……………….:joy: Sorry, But I am looking forward to all your new wonderful and exciting ideas.


No point repeating something so succinct as that, so what @Leah just said. And my very best wishes to you both for your futures.



I second all that @Leah said! A HUGE thank you for creating this community, and for making this such a fun (and informative!) space to ‘tune into’… so glad you’ll still be there in the background!
I absolutely love being part of this community- I never thought I’d ever say such a thing, as I am not active on any other social media platform- but you really have helped to make this forum a perfect place to share a passion for wine, and many other life pleasures besides… You will be missed! :disappointed_relieved:
Congratulations to @laura! I’m sure you’ll do a fabulous job, and continue to develop this great forum! :star_struck:


You have done a terrific job, that cannot be denied!?!
And I am sure that Laura will “imprint” with a style of her own,
Good fortune in your future endeavour’s.


Deserved accolades from community members here already @robert_mcintosh , to which I add my own. You have done a great job and made the community feel like a bunch of friends even though most of us haven’t met you or many other members in person. And congrats to @laura for landing what is surely the coolest job at TWS😎


Really well done on a super job getting this up and running. You should be proud.

Best of luck in whatever your new adventure is.


You’ve made this a great success, Robert, thanks! I felt very welcome right from the beginning.

Much deserved @Laura, looking forward to where we go from here!


Here, here to all that. And what will you both be celebrating these successes with?


Not sure what Laura has been drinking - bathing in Society Champagne I would guess :wink:

I’ve got a bottle open from last night (with an appropriate stopper) and not yet decided what I will open later, but promise to let you know :slight_smile:


Great job Robert. Thank you.


Thank you for all you have done to keep this interesting, on topic, and fun.


Thank you so much @robert_mcintosh - it’s been great, looking forward to your continuing contributions!


I have only been involved with the Community for around a month but @robert_mcintosh was so helpful right at the start it made everything so much easier for me - so a very big thank you


@robert_mcintosh The fact that a 6 week contract turned into 2 years, and the end result was this community is a testament to your great work - many congratulations on your success in getting “us/it” to this point, and congrats also to @laura on the new role!

I hope for further successes in the future for you both.

Laura, all you need now is the member’s favourite haircut… :open_mouth:


Thanks Robert for creating this community. This is the only online community I belong to. It’s a safe place to come and have some banter and share our experiences. Good luck in your new roles to both of you.


I can’t add to what has already been so eloquently put above but would like to say thanks for all the hard work in making this a success

And good luck @laura keeping us all in check :wink:


Thanks for getting this set up and contributing to what I think is one of TWS’s best elements, which adds a lot of extra value to the great wine it sells. Whatever you move onto doing, best of luck with it. Look forward to continue seeing your presence on this site. Rich


Thanks @robert_mcintosh you really have done a good job :slight_smile: