A New Year comparative tasting

Over the New Year Christmas period I did a bit of comparative wine tasting with some friends who had invited us to stay. They have invited us before to stay and I’ve tasted various wines with them. I thought you may be interested to see what wines we enjoyed the most this time. There’s nothing earth shattering here, I suppose I’m just taking the chance to drink wines against each other. We tasted one ‘flight’ each night.

There were no duff wines here, all were lovely.

They are usually NZ Sav Blanc drinkers and don’t spend much, they drink only white, but are happy to give anything a go. I usually avoid SB. But not this time.

They are all tasted blind - although I know what they are when I serve them.



So these were supposed to be the wines they would like and they did. The Bordeaux confused them and they didn’t guess the grape. The surprise to me was that the standout was the Greywacke. It was simply stunning. Easily worth the money and easily the wine enjoyed the most.

Next, Rioja night.


The Tuercebotas was the standout here - they loved it, and so did I. A great wine -pity it’s sold out they would have bought a case there and then.


I expected the Muga to show better, but the WS 2011 was the standout. A lovely perfume and lots going on.

This was tasted separately a day or so before as an aperitif. Nice fizz for the price.

Then onto NYE tasted in the order they are listed.

The Coop Champagne NV Pionniers.
Then the Cava again.

The Hambledon won hands down. It was a very fine bottle , but to my mind lacked the depth and additional flavour profiles of the Coop NV P. The Cava enjoyed by all the day before now tasted bland and the bottle wasn’t finished.


Cheers Julian, tasting notes much appreciated. Perhaps the Muga was still a bit too youthful ?
Must dig out my wild sauvignon and taste against the Dog Point


Oh yes! - that DP sounds a cracker.

Would be interested to know what you think! For me the Greywacke Wild SB is the winner of the two.

I am curious as you have had an SB tasting whether anyone else on this forum has drunk this…

I mentioned it in my wines of the year piece and having had the Greywacke this runs it very close, very much a showstopper and got top award in the Decanter annual awards.
Yet I cannot remember anyone else mentioning it ?
At Morrisons, though I am not sure if the current one is of the same class as I have not tried it, the first one sold out very quickly, no surprise !

I’ve never come across it - but for under a tenner I’ll be giving it a go soon. Thanks.