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A lovely bottle and my poor judgement

A few years ago there was a special Society offer of Chateau Haut Bergey 2007, I bought a case, shoved it into reserves and forgot about it. The other day I had it delivered and have now opened the first bottle which we drank with roast grouse. This wine is really good and now drinking very well indeed. My poor judgement is in not having bought a couple of dozen extra bottles, such is life.


Well there’s only so much wine you can carry on an omnibus. Maybe reconsider and next time take a pantechnicon?:wink:


I received a bottle of this in a mystery case yesterday, really good to hear that you enjoyed it so much @theclaphamomnibusman.


I’ve had a few bottles of this over the years, the 2005 was superb and 2010 not far behind. I also had some 03 a couple of years ago, which was definitely not in the same league and also had some bottle variation, but still enjoyable.

A good value claret in my book, and definitely worth a punt in most years.



It is a good little claret, and a rather good spot by our buyers.
If only they could find a few more interesting great value wines.

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We had this wine at the weekend and it has to be the best £7.95 we have spent on a wine (in 2017). It languished in the cheaper section of our ‘cellar’ for a few years as we changed to a policy of less but better. Anyway when we got round to drinking it, it was a very impressive wine for very little outlay

Sadly not on the list at present but we will watch out for it again.