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A fault in the stars?

Opened a bottle of Minimalist Stars in the Dark 2020 yesterday. This was one of those wines that has been hyped and disappears quickly when released.
I thought I’d pop it a few hours in advance as some of the TNs suggested that it improved with air.
On immediate tasting, it seemed OK but a bit dumb (OK in that it wasn’t corked or obviously bad).
Then later it tasted just a bit rubbish - confected oak and some bubblegum fruit-substitute.
I’m wondering if this was a bad bottle or just what it really does taste like. I’d be surprised, as many with fairly classical tastes have enthused about it.
So assuming the former, what kind of fault could that possibly be?
Luckily it’s from TWS, so I’m sure they’ll refund me with no quibble. Wondering about opening another one tonight for scientific purposes.

Edit to add:

So I thought I’d try some more from the bottle today to see if it’s changed, and remarkably it has, hugely for the better! It’s now very much in Beaujolais territory, and quite a good one at that. Hopefully the improvement will continue in time for dinner. How strange.
I am now getting the sense of what HRH (“Wine-bar wine par excellence with a natural bent”) was on about - a freshness to it and “playful” fruit replacing the bubblegum. It’s gone almost from zero to hero overnight. Go figure…


This does not sound anything like the spicy, dark-fruited South African nod to the Northern Rhone I fell in love with a few months ago at all.

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Indeed not. Think I will have to try another!

Edit - in view of the “one day later” test, I’ll not bother.

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Good to hear.

I was lucky enough to visit Sam whilst in the Cape a few months ago and was blown away by him and his wines.


Yes it looked like you had a lovely time over there on Instagram, any other particular highlights?

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Less glamorous, but I found the same when he was in a crypt in central London for the TWS walk around.


Chris Alheit - First Release inbound! Fill yer boots. Having him do our exhibition Chenin is a major coup.
Duncan Savage - we struggle to get some of his top wines but if you ever get a chance to try/buy his ‘Follow the Line’ Cinsault then do. It’s sensational.
Hogan - the wines are wonderful and Jocelyn is an absolute delight.
Taaibosch - very classy and crazy value.
Miles Mossop - in the past his reds have left me a little cold but I was definitely proven wrong. They’re also some of the best value and will age for yonks.


Hi, did you try the ‘No place like home’? I bought 3 bottles recently.

My tasting note ends with ‘I need this wine in my life’ so I guess I liked it.