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Hi Robert. Is it possible for me to set up my account so that I get a daily digest of new messages, rather than individual ones? I’m suffering from message overload!



You can get digests via email through Preferences. However it might be enough for you to tweak the settings under notifications - I think the default is to track topics when you view them, I’ve changed that for me to only track when I’ve posted something.

Long threads do have a summary feature as well.


It is a good question.

I realise I have some catching up to do on the #howtoguides so I will reply with a link to the updated version of the appropriate ones later, if that’s OK?

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Thanks, @tom and @robert_mcintosh.

When I have a moment, I’ll delve back into the preferences. This time I’ll use my laptop rather than my phone. I may missed the settings first time around!

So here’s a more considered reply (and thanks to @tom for offering suggestions while I was distracted by the arrival of a brief glimpse of sun over the weekend).

The answer to this question is: not at the moment

The site does not accumulate an individual member’s notifications so that you can receive them at intervals. I do think this is a good idea and I will be suggesting that it gets added.


In the first instance, take a look at your own ‘Notification’ settings. I’ve written a “How To …” article about this here:

One thing to note is under ‘emails’. You want to make sure that the box by ‘Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site’ is unticked so that you do not get notifications for conversations you are already involved in.


Notification emails are useful, but can mount up if you comment on many topics. I have written a rule (in Gmail) to move all my community emails into a specific folder and skip my inbox. I can then glance through them when I am ready to see what might need attention - and if I’ve cleared them all in the community itself, I can simply mark the whole lot as ‘read’.

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Thanks very much for this particular tip. This is working well for me.

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